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Moore Park Beach war memorial vandalised

Moore Park Beach war memorial vandalised
The Moore Park Beach Services Club says commemorations will go ahead as programmed on April 25 despite the disappointing act of vandalism.

The Moore Park Beach war memorial has been vandalised just weeks out from Anzac Day with Bundaberg Regional Council now in a race against time to have it restored.

Council had a contractor on site undertaking restoration work ahead of commemorations on April 25.

It was the contractor who found the destruction on April 8, arriving for the day’s work only to find the bayonet had been broken off the statue of the soldier.

A specialist contractor will be required to repair the memorial and Council is still trying to find someone with the relevant skillset.

Divisional representative Cr Jason Bartels said it was a despicable act which had led to an outpouring of concern in the community.

“All forms of vandalism in our community should be appalled, but it is particularly disheartening when this wilful destruction occurs to a memorial that means so much to the community,” Cr Bartels said.

“[The memorial] is nearing the completion of a renovation upgrade project to make it like new again and some low life goes and breaks off the bayonet on the gun of the soldier.

“CCTV is being checked and hopefully will identify the culprit or culprits and they can be charged and held accountable for what they have done.

“If anyone has any information about this deliberate act of destruction, please report it to the police.”

Moore Park Beach Services Club president John McKechnie said he was shocked when he heard about the vandalism of the Moore Park Beach war memorial.

“I thought, you know the Council has put so much into the restoration of the memorial and it seems such a waste and I think it’s going to annoy so many people in town,” Mr McKechnie said.

“I’ve had so many comments on social media.”

He said members of the services club had contributed to the presentation of the memorial and took pride in its appearance.

“We did the whole memorial garden ourselves prior to handing it over to the Council.

“A lot of us have put a lot of work into it.

“A lot of the members who put the time and effort in to make it a nice memorial and garden … it’s pretty upsetting to see it disfigured.”

Moore Park Beach war memorial vandalised
The Moore Park Beach war memorial was undergoing restoration when the vandalism occured

Despite this act of vandalism on the Moore Park Beach war memorial, the Anzac spirit remains strong within the close-knit community.

Months of planning have been dedicated to the Civic Service and parade taking place from 11.30 am on April 25 which will feature guest speakers from the Air Force.

“Every year (the community) supports us very well,” Mr Mckechnie said.

“The schools are very involved in our Anzac Day.

“We always get good crowds.

“I encourage all the district residents to come out and enjoy the commemorations of the day.”

Mr McKechnie said the commemorations would go ahead as programmed regardless of the Moore Park Beach war memorial vandalism.

Moore Park Beach Civic Service:

Moore Park Beach Anzac Day Civic Service program
Moore Park Beach Anzac Day Civic Service program



  1. Can someone please contact me in regard to repairing the statue as I might be able to help if the statue is bronze or similar.
    Cheers: Ian

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