Your say on e-scooters


Ricky Wright from Communication Generation took to the Bargara esplanade to ask people what they think of the Neuron e-scooters.


  1. So the orange scooters are in for a 1 year TRIAL in parts of the Bundaberg region along with Townsville and Brisbane CBD. Gold Coast and Sunshine coast declined the saame offer to be involved with the TRIAL with Noosa (recently de-amalgamated stating for safety reasons

    If you have comments or complaints there is an email address ( ending .sg) so based in Singapore and a telephone numbers which, after many changes of dial tones ends with a poor connection to a male Asian voice. I asked 4 times from where he was taking my call and even suggested Singapore. Each time he refused to say but did say he was not authorised to state where he was located. I asker his name, first name would do. He declined to give it saying he was not authorised by his company to identify himself.

    So we have a TRIAL where the operating owners are based overseas BOTH by email and phone, so at the end of the day, 12 month hence would you expect the overseas company owners to give a glowing or a damning report ? Not sure ? want to call a friend ?

  2. I am concerned about the number of adults doubling the scooter with a small child. Child wears the helmet and the parent has none. This was happening in the Botanic Gardens. Safety folks, safety.

  3. I too am concerned seeing scooters with a double up of child & adult with the child wearing a helmet. This I have seen in Bargara many times & think how irresponsible these adults are.I see riders all the time with no helmet. I have read riders must be 18 years old & above & one rider is allowed per E-Scooter. The rules seem to be being flouted all the time. I see E-Scooters parked everywhere & they can be there for several days. Not a good look in our community. I think the rules should be policed more before there is a serious accident.

  4. I haven’t tried a scooter yet (scaredy cat!). But I love seeing people out and about enjoying them. As others have mentioned, I’ve seen a few with adults with little kids on them. The only ones I’ve noted were riding cautiously, going slow. The size of the grins on the kids indicated it was a lot of fun! I hope the scooters stick around they’re a great offering for locals and tourists to check out our awesome area.

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