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In the ring: Boxing event showcases local talent

boxing event
BOXING EVENT: Shannan “Golden Boy” Davey, Attila Kovacs, Nick “Superman” Larter at the Saturday night showdown.

Attila Boxing Academy’s Night of First Class Boxing was a display of local skill and great sportsmanship when the event featured at the Civic Centre on Saturday night.

Local boxer and barrister Nick Larter, who is fairly new to the boxing scene, trained under Attila Kovacs for his fight which saw him take out a win.

Up against opponent Rick Tomlinson from Matrix Boxing Gym on the Gold Coast, Larter said the fight was a culmination of long hours of preparation and training.

Boxing event
Rita Kovacs, Nick Larter, Attilla Kovacs, Shannan Davey, Leanne Davey. Front L-R Mitchell, Noah

“Training and preparing for each fight takes a number of weeks and during that time there is both a mental and physical process to go through,” he said.

“Every part of that process pushes both of those faculties to their absolute limit.

“The fight is the test of that preparation and training.”

On Saturday night, Larter won his match against Tomlinson on points and said the whole process was nothing short of thrilling.

“The key is to control your emotions in the lead up to the fight and remain calm,” he said.

“I went through plenty of acute emotions of all types in the days leading up to the fight.

“I had lots of messages of love and support and they helped to keep me focused and calm when any stress or anxiety struck me.

“I can't describe the feeling afterwards but the sense of peace and achievement I get, is why I do it.”

Bundaberg Region boxers show their strength

Nick said Saturday night's event showcased the fantastic talent of boxers within the region, with many local athletes coming out on top in their matches.

“Shannan Davey who is the current 69kg Queensland Champion, displayed skill at an elite level and he is working towards making the team for the Commonwealth Games in 2022,” Larter said.

“Kurt Robinson was also a standout who fought a great technical fight in only his second fight to get his win.”

boxing event
Trainer Attila Kovacs and Wyatt Newton.

Larter said Wyatt Newton was also a standout on the night.

“He is one of our young guns who executed the plan perfectly to secure a win in his first fight against an older and heavier opponent,” he said.

“Dawson English, Zac Blanch and Bailey Rach also did Attila Boxing Academy very proud in having their first fights.”

What was the emotion like before your match and how did you feel afterwards?

Larter said the event was a great success and not only was an opportunity to showcase some exceptional talent, it was also a graet reminder of the professionalism and sportsmanship that makes up the sport.

“The sportsmanship displayed by the overwhelming majority of those involved in the sport of boxing is humbling,” he said.

“I would like to thank my opponent, Rick Tomlinson- we had a good, hard, close fight that entertained the crowd.

“We got to show off our skills and do ourselves proud and that's what it is all about as an amateur – not the winning and losing.”

boxing event
Shannan “Golden Boy” Davey in action on Saturday night.