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Podcast: Moore Park Beach Master Plan

In this week's podcast episode we take an in-depth look at the new Moore Park Beach Master Plan with Councillor Jason Bartels.

Cr Bartels speaks about what the plan means for the future of Moore Park Beach and the great facilities that will be part of the upgrade.

We then hear from a range of local residents and community groups about working with council to come up with the Moore Park Beach Master Plan and catering for the needs of the people who call Moore Park Beach home.

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Podcast transcript

Gennavieve Lyons  00:06

Hello and welcome to the Bundaberg Now Podcast brought to you by the Bundaberg Regional Council. I'm your host Genevieve Lyons and on today's episode we take an in depth look at the Moore Park Beach Master Plan. The plan was approved during Tuesday's council meeting after residents were given the chance to shape how Moore Park Beach will look in the future. That future includes a beach activity area, all abilities Adventure Park, and a community deck within the space. Bundaberg Regional Council divisional representative Councillor Jason Bartels spoke with Morgan Everett from Bundaberg Now about the development.

Cr. Jason Bartels  00:43

It's an exciting day for Moore Park and for the region. Today Bundaberg Regional Council unanimously adopted the Moore Park Beach Spaces and Places Master Plan. The Master Plan takes an area from Lassig Street to Claude Dooley Park, and from the foreshore to Club Avenue, and it means that this area will have the major infrastructure development that it needs. The plan has been broken into six stages where stage one will be a new surf lifesaving club and the associated areas and landscaping with various other areas including a combined community facility over next to the hall to general landscaping of the foreshore. It's to lift Moore Park and lift and improve Moore Park Beach to make it an area that the locals can be proud of and to be a drawcard for the region. I'm excited about every stage of the Master Plan, I'm hoping that we can secure funding in this year's budget to commence stage one. The Master Plan has been put together with major community consultation, and it's about the needs and wants of the Moore Park Beach community. They've told us what they want in this area, and the consultants have listened and the plan they've delivered absolutely nailed it. It's exactly what Moore Park Beach needs and wants. This will benefit the community by making Moore Park Beach a major draw card for our region. It'll entice more visitors to the area as well as provide better amenities for the locals and the residents. Moore Park Beach is a beautiful area and it is good natural beauty and all it needs is enhancing and improving. It doesn't need changing and that's what we've addressed in the plan. We're going to improve the current facilities design and provide new facilities but all with the keeping of the natural environment that is Moore Park Beach. The surf lifesaving club is at the end of its life. The old building is probably still it's still being used but it's not suitable for use and needs to be totally reconstructed at a different site where it currently is it's in a tidal erosion zone. The new surf club be built back behind the existing club and where the current surf club is there will be a tower for the surf lifesavers, and landscaped area which will have amenities and seating for the public to use. The duck pond is going to be reshaped, reshaped and aerated and treated to improve the overall look and also the quality of the water in the duck pond. We have problems with the water stagnating. So we're looking at an aerator and different treatments to ensure the water is fresh and to maintain the pristine environment for the wildlife and the ducks. The children's play area will consist of an adventure play area with some waterplay it'll be sort of to cater for all age groups. Currently we've got very limited playground equipment with only which only caters really for the younger age groups. Where the new player will be adventure playground, waterplay and probably for that teenager sort of mark, so keep them occupied while their parents are down here supporting the mobile vendors and enjoying what's constructed and developed here in the beautiful Moore Park master plan area. The combined community facility that I call it will be a series of rooms which will have areas set aside for individual groups to use. Our anchor tenant and our main user will be Moore Park Beach Men's Shed. They'll have probably half of the building or a little bit more and they will be the ones that will be the main anchor tenant. The other areas will be set aside for community groups such as Moore Park Beach arts, first responders, scouts, Moore Park Beach Sporting Association, all the little groups in Moor Park Beach that currently have nowhere to call home. The new combined community facility will cater and give them a place that they can store their materials, have workshops use it for whatever they like, and they call their own. Stage one will be this surf lifesaving club area here with the landscaping the demolishment of the old surf club, working with Surf Lifesaving Queensland to provide the new surf club and new amenities and all this area here currently in front and behind next to the surf lifesaving club.

Gennavieve Lyons  04:35

A draft of the master plan was presented to the community last September. Morgan also spoke with some of the residents who gave feedback during this consultation process. Secretary of the Moore Park Beach Men's Shed Peter Gillies has liaised with council since the early stages of the Moore Park beach master plan and believes the improvements will have a positive impact on the community.

Peter Gillies  04:57

We're involved in trying to find the land, suitable lane that was suitably zoned and preferably owned by Council, which has been a bit of a trick. But we've come up with that, and we've worked with him right from the start. So this is a great step forward both for the Men's Shed and for the community, I just think the whole thing is going to be so much better for the community. To bring the community together we've got over here we're going to have the whole social and formal part of the amenity. And then over here, we've got the all the activities part, it's will bring the community together. I think a lot more.

Gennavieve Lyons  05:33

Moore Park Beach resident of over 20 years, Ashlee Walker provided vital feedback regarding the placement of local vendors.

Ashlee Walker  05:41

The coffee van's down here every day, except Monday and public holidays, depending on which one it is. And it's here from nine o'clock on school days till 11.30 and eight o'clock on weekends till 11.30. Jason's been really good and consulted us as well. We're going to be up on the front in the foreshore when it's redeveloped with power and water, which makes it easier for us as well, because a lot of the community come down for coffee every morning now. The playground upgrade for the kids is going to be great. Just the overall look of the community. It's well overdue. Originally, they had the coffee van and the food vendors behind the new surf club. And it's just not feasible for watching kids on the playground. So, I submitted feedback about that. And about the coffee van being closer to the front. It was all taken on board Jason was great.

Gennavieve Lyons  06:27

Moor Park Beach resident Peter Adams enjoys spending his time at the foreshore and believes the master plan will bring a positive change to the community by inviting more visitors.

Peter Adams  06:37

We just come down here regularly for coffee and make friends down here. Since the first stage of this little bits been done, it's been great. And with the coffee van, good community spirit around here. And we've been here for nearly nine years. Yeah, so we just live up the road. So, I usually ride my bike down here nearly every day. Yeah, we think it's fantastic. Because it'll be great for the whole community. And it'll bring other people into the community as well on weekends. We've submitted feedback, we've be to all the meetings. We probably see Jason once a week down here and talk to him about it. And we're very, very enthusiastic about what's happening. Our big thing was having the coffee van up here closer to the to the to the area, and we think that'll make a big difference for the whole place. Yeah, I think everything that we've wanted, or we thought was good is in the plan. I think it's going to be great for the community. We've supported it from day one. We've been talking to Jason about this for probably three years now. So, to see it actually come and get approved by the Council today, we're very happy about it.

Gennavieve Lyons  07:36

That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed this week's podcast. I can't wait to see what the future has in store at Moore Park Beach. Join me again next week for more stories from across the region. Bye for now.



  1. Thanks for this extensive summary. Jason will be at the next Community Association meeting on May 11 at 7.30 to speak about the Plan and other issues. I will have a bucket of ice cold water on hand should he become too exuberant.

  2. What a great step forward for Moore Park Beach, we who live here love the natural environment of Moore Park Beach, we wanted more walking tracks.

    Love it now, loving it more in the future!!!!

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