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Botanic Gardens Day celebrates the power of plants

Fairymead House Gardens
The Fairymead House garden is tended by Council's Botanic Gardens parks crew and is often brimming with beautiful plants and flowers.

The power of plants will be a strong theme at the Botanic Gardens in May as the region shares in a national day of celebration.

Each year over 100 botanic gardens and arboretums in Australia and New Zealand take part in National Botanic Gardens Day to highlight the vital work that takes place for plant conservation.

This year, Botanic Gardens Day also features a #plantchallenge in which residents can submit a video to social media describing what their favourite plant is and why.

The challenge aims to celebrate plants and the role they play in wellbeing, the weather and climate stabilisation, providing food and habitat and their benefits in research and medicine.

Bundaberg Botanic Gardens and Horticulture Area Supervisor Cody Johnson said the challenge was the perfect opportunity for residents to find out more about their local flora.

Botanic Gardens and Horticulture Area Supervisor Cody Johnson.

He said a plant that held sentimental value to him was the Burdekin Plum, found in the rainforest area at the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens.

“I have lots of fond memories growing up with one of these trees in my backyard,” Cody said.

“My father grew it from a seedling and my siblings and I grew up with this tree by our side, I have lots of great memories of climbing that tree when it got big enough.

“It is a really important rainforest tree locally to the Bundaberg Region as well, it's a good dry rainforest species that can also go right through to the monsoon.”

The #plantchallenge was introduced as part of National Botanic Gardens Day in 2020 in response to Covid19, with all events cancelled and most gardens closed.

The challenge has been continued this year due to its overwhelming success, with residents urged to again take part in celebrating the power of plants.

“The idea is that people record themselves talking about a plant they love and why and upload it to social media,” Cody said.

“Anyone can do this; you don’t have to work in a Botanic Gardens to participate.

“Just make sure you use the hashtag #plantchallenge when you upload your video.”

To find out more about the challenge and National Botanic Gardens Day click here.

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