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Bundaberg North childcare facility approved

Child care
A child care centre development in Bundaberg North has been approved.

A new childcare facility featuring a playgroup and community meeting hall in Bundaberg North has been approved.

The Development Permit for Material Change of Use for a Child Care Centre and Community Use was recently submitted to Bundaberg Regional Council by applicant Jukanyula Aboriginal Corporation For Children’s’ Enrichment.

The applicant is a voluntary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander not-for-profit organisation which is proposing to transform the property for the purpose of its members.

The proposed development will utilise the existing building at 96 Hinkler Avenue, Bundaberg North for three separate community uses.

The first of those uses is for a childcare centre, to operate three days a week during the school term for children from prep to Grade 7.

child care
The floor plan for the child care development.

The centre will run after-hours on school days and two days a week from 8 am to 5 pm during the school holidays.

The second use of the building, as stated in the application, is to serve as a playgroup for women and children.

It is expected that the building will be used for approximately two hours on four mornings per week and for a similar period for approximately three afternoons per week.

The maximum number of people expected to attend at any one time would be ten women and their children.

The organisation will employ two staff to provide playgroup activities.

The third use of the building, as stated in the application, outlines information about a community hall to operate once a week outside of the hours of the child care and play group.

The Bundaberg North property was historically used as a church before it was transformed into a play group in 2000.

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