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Dog registration survey underway next week

dog registration survey
Bundaberg Regional Council will commence a dog registration survey on May 17 2021

A door-to-door dog registration survey will be underway throughout the region from 17 May, targeting unregistered and previously registered dogs.

Bundaberg Regional Council officers and contractors have been authorised to conduct the systematic inspection program following a spike in the number of unregistered dogs in the region.

Dog registration is required under State Government legislation and failure to register your dog is an offence which carries a $266 fine.

Animal Control portfolio spokesperson Cr May Mitchell said the increasing cost of managing unregistered dogs throughout the region had necessitated the registration survey.

“Over a 12 month period more than half of the dogs impounded by Council were unregistered,” Cr Mitchell said.

“The cost to care for, feed and house those dogs while their owners were sought is quite substantial.”

She said registering and microchipping a dog was the best way to ensure a beloved pet was returned home should it become lost and also reduced the financial burden on ratepayers for the provision of this essential service.

“The additional registration fees received by Council will be used to improve animal management services and increase education on responsible pet ownership, for the benefit of all residents.”

To avoid receiving a fine, dog owners will need to register any unregistered dogs, before a follow up inspection is undertaken and the $266 penalty infringement notice is issued.

Find out more about how to register your dog on Council’s website here.

Residents who previously had a registered dog that they no longer own are encouraged to update their details with Council by calling 1300 883 699 or popping in to a Council service centre.

Why is dog registration important?
  • All dog registration fees go back into Council’s animal management initiatives.
  • Registered dogs and responsible pet ownership help to ensure the safety of our community.
  • If your dog is registered it also means it can quickly be returned home should it become lost.
Registration fees can be used to:
  • Manage dog-related requests like barking dogs or dog attack investigations
  • Care and rehome impounded and abandoned animals
  • Deliver dog off-leash areas and facilities



  1. My dog is registered but was not given a tag, so if the council came to my house and found no tag, will I be fined

  2. I think it’s a good Idea to have dogs registered for many reasons,I have neighbours who own several dogs. Their dogs have been coming on to my property for the last several years and destroying property of mine,digging up gardens, pooing on walkways and bending up wire on my fences to get in and out of my property. And when I repeatedly asked them to do something about it I was was physically and violently attacked by them because of it. These neighbours of mine have taken no responsibilty for their pets whatsoever, and they need to be punished by council by removing these animals from them and never be allowed to own a pet again. And I’m still currently dealing with this still, pet owners need to be responsible for their pets.

  3. Is there a reason why our council can’t provide us with the option to register our animals for their lifetime? Other councils do and surely this option would ensure higher rates of registered animals and less time spent doing manual registration checks.

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