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Popular children’s author to visit Childers

Popular children's author Chris Collin will be visiting Childers next week for the Under 8s Day.

The Things You Can Do With Blue Whale Poo will be the theme of the day when popular children's author Chris Collin visits Childers next week.

The award-winning author, who is famous for his Funky Chicken series, will chat about his most recent musical picture book which spreads an important environmental message through humour and fun.

“I wrote ‘The Things You Can Do with Blue Whale Poo' to create a valuable resource for preschool and primary teachers,” Chris said.

“The challenge was to create a story that was fun while still delivering an important environmental message about the importance of whale poop.

“Whale poop is crucial to healthy oceans and even the air we breathe. In fact, whales are often referred to as gardeners of the sea.”

Chris will be attending the Under 8's Day at the Childers Historical Complex and said he was excited to be able to present a fun show to the local audience.

“I think everybody responds and engages when having fun and that's the aim of what I do, to spread an important message in a way that is enjoyable,” he said.

“I incorporate music in my narration and my show also features a few puppet friends and maybe even a giant inflatable whale.

“I'm really looking forward to visiting Childers, it is a fantastic community made up of locals who are really passionate and involved in the learning of their children.”

Childers Neighbourhood Centre Community Development Officer Debra Murphy said the Under 8’s Day was all about engaging children in sustainable and meaningful outdoor learning.

She said having Chris read his newest book at the event would be exciting for all involved.

Chris Collin author
The author's newest book, The Things You Can Do With Blue Whale Poo.

“We have had Chris present a couple of his books here in Childers over the years to help promote early literacy and a love of reading to our families and children,” she said.

“Children love the books and Chris presents them so well and is very entertaining.”

The Under 8s Day will be held at the Childers Historical Complex at Taylor Street on Tuesday, 18 May from 9.30am to 11.30am

“Children will be able to enjoy lots of great outdoor games and activities as well as being able to climb the train, listen to stories and enjoy some arts and crafts,” Debra said.