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Crikey! Robert Irwin stops by Snakes Downunder

Snakes Downunder
Chandler Powell, Robert Irwin, volunteer Hallie, keepers Julianne, Jaimi and Ashleigh and Head of Australia Zoo’s reptiles, Nick Kuyper at Snakes Downunder.

Australia Zoo's Robert Irwin, son of famous crocodile wrangler Steve Irwin, stopped by Snakes Downunder Reptile Park yesterday on a Komodo dragon breeding mission.

The young Irwin was flanked by a team of wildlife professionals, including Bindi Irwin's husband Chandler Powell, to help relocate the animal from the local zoo.

A camera crew was also in attendance to film the interaction for Animal Planet, with the episode to air later this year.

Snakes Downunder owner Ian Jenkins said it was the first time he had met Robert and the crew.

“It was a real education,” he said.

“Robert is an extremely nice person, as is Chandler, both very knowledgeable and switched on.”

Ian said the male Komodo dragon, Naga, would be relocated to Australia Zoo for a few months to breed with one of the female Komodos at the Sunshine Coast zoo.

The seven-year-old lizard measures around 2.5 metres and weighs 27 kilograms.

“Naga actually went to the zoo last year to be introduced to a female and it went really smoothly,” he said.

Komodo Dragon
“Naga” is a seven-year old adult Komodo Dragon male measuring around 2.5 metres and weighing 27 kilos.

“Hopefully things will go just as well this time and the breeding program will be a success.”

Ian said while Naga was busy in his new home, a Komodo dragon from Australia Zoo would take his place at Snakes Downunder.

“Being members of the Zoo and Aquarium Association, we are very lucky to be able to experience opportunities like this,” Ian said.

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