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Bundaberg Bag Company sends products worldwide

Bundaberg Bag Company
Bundaberg Bag Company has been operating in the region since 1978.

On any given day of the working week you will find the Bundaberg Bag Company team busy cutting, sewing and printing their products to distribute across Australia and the world.

The local family-owned business was established in 1978, supplying packaging solutions for businesses and helping customers present their product in a practical, safe and visually pleasing way. 

Marketing co-ordinator Evol Lloyd-Jones said the team of seven created bags for almost any purpose including gardening, erosion control, recycle collection and more.

“We are always looking to introduce new products too,” she said.

“Currently we are working on a grass clipping bag large enough to hold waste from a ride on mower.”

Bundaberg Bag Company
The team at the Bundaberg Bag Company make bags for recycling products.

Evol said the team cut and printed their bags on site at 122 Enterprise Street, with each product taking anywhere from one day to a few weeks to complete.

“Whether it's an industrial sandbag, a one tonne bulk bag or a glossy photographic stock feed bag, getting the right product for the job is essential and that's where we come in,” she said.

“The initial creation of each bag is done through our conversion print line which is automated.

“We also use strapping and palletising machinery to speed up the baling process.”

Bundaberg Bag Company also offer bag products for firewood, wool packs for garden waste and bow hunting, bulk bags for building material and more.

“We supply bags to many industries throughout Australia including macadamia, pecan, firewood, ice, stockfeed, fertilizer, chemical, seed, mining, construction, plumbing, gardening, sand and recycling,” Evol said.

“We have also supplied to New Zealand and Vanuatu.”

Bundaberg Bag Company used in earth building

Evol said the company’s products and materials were so versatile they were even used to build homes in Vanuatu.

In 2016, the business was involved in an initiative aimed at constructing ‘earth shelters' for women communities.

The Bundaberg Bag Company material was used to form the building structures which aimed to provide safe spaces for residents once complete.

“Circular woven cloth was filled with damp earth, tampered down and arranged in layers to form a dome,” Evol said.  

“Strands of barbed wire secured each layer while acting as reinforcement. 

“The structure was then rendered over for strength and to protect it from the elements.”

The homes were so strong they survived a direct hit from a category 5 cyclone.

Evol said their products had since been used in Papua New Guinea and Bougainville for the same purpose.

“We initially donated material to Vanuatu for the women’s shelter but since then have sold a lot of bags and cloth throughout Australia as well as overseas for Earth Building,” she said.

The Bundaberg Bag Company is located on 122 Enterprise Street.

To find out more, follow the Facebook page or view the website here.