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Fire hydrant testing program extending to Woodgate

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A fire hydrant inspection program is extending to Woodgate with work expected to start in the area next week.

Bundaberg Regional Council is extending its fire hydrant testing program to Woodgate with work expected to start in the area next week.

The upcoming inspection program is expected to take about one week to complete and will ensure fire hydrants in Woodgate are fully functional and easily identifiable for firefighting operations.

Water and Wastewater portfolio spokesperson Cr Jason Bartels said Leaktech Australia had been engaged to complete the works.

“The work will include assessing the condition of our fire hydrants and testing their functionality and water flow performance,” he said.

“The contractors will also reinstate hydrant identification markers as they progress, including the reflective blue road markers and yellow kerb markings.”

Cr Jason Bartels said contractors would begin hydrant testing within the next week and some water disruption was expected.

“During this time your water supply may be briefly interrupted with low water pressure or discolouration,” he said.

“Please keep in mind while the water quality may not be of the usual standard, it is definitely safe to use.

“To combat discolouration, we suggest you turn on the nearest external tap to the meter and let it run for a period of time, or until it runs clear and then do the same to the furthest tap from the meter, to clean your pipework.”

Cr Bartels said operations personnel were committed to restoring normal water supply as quickly as possible.

“Council is aware of the inconvenience maintenance work causes and thanks businesses, residents and motorists in advance for their patience and cooperation,” he said.

Council advises residents to be aware of inspection and testing equipment and requests that all safety signage be followed.

Any residents experiencing extended interruptions to their water supply can contact Council’s Call Centre on 1300 883 699 to report the fault.

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