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Students collaborate with Council planners

Council planners
Strategic Planner Bethany Williams-Holthouse (right) and Paraplanner Renee Dewhurst present an overview of the planning process to Kepnock State High School students.

Kepnock State High School Year 7 Humanities students were recently given a taste of what it’s like to be a Council planner.

The students were tasked with an assignment to propose a leisure complex in the Kepnock area and teacher Nicole Amey enlisted the help of Council’s planning team.

Strategic Planner Bethany Williams-Holthouse and Paraplanner Renee Dewhurst gave the students an insight into Council planning and what the students would need to consider for the assignment.

“We gave them an overview of what planning is and explained the economic, social and environmental factors that contribute to making a place liveable,” said Bethany.

“We also spoke about the importance of communities and making them a place where people can live, work and play.

“Part of that was telling them about the work our Parks team does, and Planning and Projects Supervisor Carla Colasimone was also present to give them examples of upgrades at the Walla Street Skate Park and Boreham Park. 

“That created a lot of interest from the students who were very engaged and asked questions around those projects.”

Kepnock State High School Humanities teacher Nicole Amey was extremely pleased to have Council’s assistance.

Council planners
Council planners gave the students an insight into Council planning.

“Collaborating with the team at BRC provides the students with deep learning opportunities, connectivity with community and critical thinking of the project they’ve been assigned,” Nicole said.

“As their work progresses it will be sent on to Bethany and Renee for authentic feedback.”

Kepnock State High School Principal Nicholas Hawkins welcomes the opportunity for BRC staff to speak with students.

“It was great to see our Year 7 ACE (Academic Challenge & Excellence) classes being able to link in with our local council and give their learning a real local focus,” he said.

“BRC is a major employer in the district, and it is also important that our students see the range of professions and careers available in Bundaberg.”

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