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Bounty for superstar drag racer at Benaraby event

Kerry Ellis on the track on his bike Southern Intruder.

A local Bundaberg drag racer will be the main attraction at the next major Benaraby Dragway event, with racers being offered a $200 cash prize to beat the speed demon.

Armed with his bike the Southern Intruder, 67 year old Kerry Ellis will take to the track on Saturday to race against anyone who dares to take him on.

It will be a highlight of the upcoming Outlaw Bike Racers event, according to meeting director Mike Gawley, who said Kerry was a professional is his field and well-known in drag race circles.

“His reputation as a staunch bike racer precedes him and numerous people in the area are well aware of his racing achievements,” Mike said.

“Kerry contacted me a few weeks ago and queried about the Outlaw Bike Mayhem.

Kerry Ellis said he loved everything about drag racing.

“We got to talking and he said he was interested in participating, and that's when we decided to bring a little bit of fun to it all.”

The local racer is excited to take part in the event and while he is set to go full throttle on the day, Kerry said it was really up to chance as to what the outcome would be.

“It's drag racing, anything can happen!” he said.

Drag racing is form of motor racing in which two contestants race from a standing start side by side on a a flat, straight course.

Racers are timed in elapsed time (in seconds) and final speed (in miles per hour).

Kerry has a passion for the track and has been racing for decades, starting on the beach in the 70s.

“It was in 1988 when I started racing properly,” he said.

“I have the record for the 1/4 Mile which I did in 7.38 seconds.”

Kerry said when it came to racing it wasn't the speed that he loved, it was the feeling of acceleration.

“Some people drink or smoke for their kicks but I love the acceleration of the sport and the thrill that comes with it,” he said.

“It's a buzz – it's all over in a few seconds but I love it.”

Kerry said a special part of this weekend's race would be getting to ride his bike again after a few months off, which coincided with the anniversary date of when he bought it from America.

“It's been 29 years ago to the month that I got the bike,” he said.

“Southern Intruder is a Kawasaki which features a chromoly frame and runs on nitrous oxide.

“It's a great bike and is the reason why I live by the motto ‘make it look good and make it go good.'”

Kerry Ellis on the track on his bike Southern Intruder.

Benaraby Dragway events growing

Meeting director Mike Gawley said the Outlaw Bike Racers event that Kerry was starring in was part of the 2021 All Bikes event held over the next few months at the track.

“Benaraby has blossomed over the last couple years, with nearly 230 members so far this year and some great events on the calendar,” Mike said.

“The 2021 All Bikes event will also feature a 660 Grudge Bracket, and with a little luck, we can get Kerry in on that action.”

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