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Cold snap on the way for Bundaberg Region

Get the blankets out because a cold snap is on the way!

It’s time to get the extra blankets out with weather experts warning Bundaberg Region residents to brace for another cold snap later this week.

Although temperatures will be getting warmer over the next two days, chilly conditions are expected from Thursday onwards.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, minimum temperatures will drop to 6 degrees on Thursday and 5 degrees on Friday.

Meteorologist Matt Marshall said a cool change was pushing its way up from the south.

“The next couple of days will be fairly average temperature wise, although Wednesday will see some slight shower activity as the cold front pushes in,”he said.

“A wind change will come through on Wednesday as well where the temperature will start to drop.

“We will also see a shift in temperature from an average low of 15 degrees, waking up to a minimum of 6 degrees on Thursday morning.”

The good news for residents is that even though the winter chill will set in from Thursday, the weekend weather is expected to stay clear with sunny skies ahead. 

You can see the weather forecast for the week here.




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