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New duo takes over Artisans 4670

Elaine and Sophia are the new managers of the Artisans 4670 shop in Bargara.

Since taking over Artisans 4670 in May, Elaine Kirk and Sophia Bird have been busy at work planning to bring a range of events and opportunities to the local community.

Volunteer Manager Sophia said she and Elaine took over the running of the workshop and gallery space when the previous volunteers had to step back due to time restraints.

“We started working with them when we were just popping our artwork in there and volunteering one day a week,” Ms Bird said.

“When they had to step aside there was the possibility that it would have to close if someone didn’t take over, so Elaine and I put our heads together and decided to volunteer and keep it operating.”

Sophia said they hoped to diversify into more community-minded projects and become a hub for people to come together and connect.

“We want to get more involved in the community and get the community more involved in Artisans as it is a not-for-profit organisation,” Ms Bird said.

“We are wanting to help in the community wherever we can, whether it be supporting the schools or working closely with charity groups.”

The team have plans to continue building up a range of workshops on the back of COVID, bringing back the opportunity for locals to try something new.

“We are planning to get the art workshops up and running for the community again,” Ms Bird said.

“Anything we can do that starts to get a connection going with people and helps everyone in the community to feel proud and connected, we will.”

Currently Artisans 4670 stocks art from 20 local artists as well as the occasional guest artist who displays their pieces for a month at a time.

Operating as an ecofriendly space, Artisans 4670 can be hired for $65 a day to run workshops or use for displays.

Artisans 4670 is also a gallery and shop for all local artists and handmade producers.

For more information on Artisans 4670, you can view their Facebook.

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