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Startup program combines online learning, workshops

The Generator startup
Tamar Boas at the Generator preparing their online business support offerings

The Generator is offering a new program to Bundaberg entrepreneurs who are looking for guidance and support in their business startup journey.

The Generator has partnered with Startup Onramp and Split Spaces to deliver the Generator Founders Program which features a combination of online learning with weekly group sessions.

Community manager at The Generator, Tamar Boas, said the seven week course was available to local founders who were at the beginning of creating a new startup.

“This includes those who currently have a day job and want to make the transition from employee to startup founder or for persons wanting to explore the world of entrepreneurship,” she said.

“In short, the practical online course will show you how to start a high-growth startup and maximise its chances of success.”

The Generator startup program provides plenty of benefits

Tamar said there were many benefits to the course, with participants offered direct learning in core startup skills with content by Australia’s leading startup experts.

“By joining the Generator Founders Program participants get access to weekly facilitated group meetings to discuss their learnings,” Tamar said.

“They get to connect with like-minded people and they also get access to work and study from the coworking space for seven weeks.

“The program teaches core startup skills to aspiring founders in a flexible self-paced format, with participants gaining access to video-based lessons from some of Australia’s leading startup experts.”

The Generator Founders Program online content will teach you:

• How to work out if your startup idea is any good – and change it fast if it’s not
• How to test your idea with customers
• How to build a Minimum Viable Product
• How to recruit and work with developers
• How to launch your product and get your first customers
• What mistakes cause startups to fail, and how to avoid them
• How to get the legal structure right
• How (and whether) to raise money from investors
• How to build a world class team

The online course and weekly group sessions begin on Monday, 2 August to Thursday, 23 September.

Applications are now open for the Generator Founders Program. Apply here.

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