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Golden Jack Express adds Asian cuisine to the menu

Golden Jack Express
Jack Yu at the newly opened Golden Jack Express in Stockland Shopping Centre.

A new eatery has joined the Stockland Shopping Centre food court, providing a smorgasbord of fresh Asian cuisine to local shoppers.

Golden Jack Express is owned by Jie and Qin Yang and offers a selection of rich Asian fast food including honey chicken, sweet and sour pork, fried rice and more.

“We also have beef with black bean sauce, satay chicken, noodles, omelette, fried dumplings and Thai curry chicken,” Qin said.

“There is a lot of choice for customers and there will also be the option of a buffet lunch where customers can self-serve once COVID restrictions have lifted.”

Golden Jack Express
Minika Ketchup at the newly opened Golden Jack Express in Stockland Shopping Centre.

Qin said the Bundaberg eatery was the first in Queensland and was one of four that she and Jie operated around Australia.

“We have the same buffet business in News South Wales, Victoria and South Australia,” she said.

“It is very popular with the locals and we wanted to bring our buffet Asian food to Bundaberg.

“The most popular meals include our fried dumplings, honey chicken and omelette.”

The pair don't currently live in Bundaberg but have been in the region for one month while setting up the Stockland food outlet.

“This is our first Queensland business,” Qin said.

“We have friends who have lived in Bundaberg for many years, they say it is a lovely place.

“We are considering moving to Bundaberg, a beautiful seaside city, permanently with our children in the near future.”

Golden Jack Express offers dine in and take away options and will also provide a full buffet service in the future.

“We look forward to the end of COVID-19 so that everyone can get back to normal and our restaurant can resume the mode of guest buffet,” Qin said.

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