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Dr Mo brings positivity to Gin Gin practice every day

Dr Mo Gin Gin
Gin Gin's Dr Mohamed Hussein a chiropractor who has a positive outlook on life and a passion for helping people.

Dr Mohamed Hussein is a Bundaberg Region chiropractor who has a positive outlook on life and a passion for helping people.

He was born in Ethiopia, raised in Kenya from age 7 and then moved to New Zealand before coming to Australia in 2014.

Dr Mo made Bundaberg his home two years later and said he instantly fell in love with the region.

He decided to offer his services in Gin Gin after realising a great need for a chiropractor in the area.

Dr Mo's work has been highlighted as part of Bundaberg Regional Council's Our People Our Stories project.

The initiative aims to spread community connection through the sharing of stories about local residents.

Dr Mo said what he loved most about being a chiropractor was the constant learning and holistic approach to assisting others.

“My mind works in a sense where I need to understand how one thing connects to another,” he said.

Dr Mo Gin Gin
Dr Mo at his chiropractor office in Gin Gin.

“From a chiropractic point of view, we focus on posture, alignment and moving those interferences within your system and allowing your body to function at capacity.

“We try to understand biomechanically and functionally what’s going on in your body.”

Dr Mo said he knew what career path he wanted to follow when he saw just how much his own chiropractor had helped him.

“I was an avid soccer player,” he said.

“I suffered with injuries a lot and the chiropractor I saw took some x-rays and sat down with me and explained what it was and how he was going to help me.

“The feeling that I had, the joy of finally having an answer was like, I need to give the same feeling back to my community and that’s what’s been driving me ever since.”

Dr Mo said he greets each day with a positive outlook and said he loved to spread good vibes to everyone he meets in Gin Gin.

“Every day I wake up and write five things that I am grateful for and I do the same before bed,” he said.

“I’m grateful to have eyesight to see all the colours of the day, I’m grateful to smile or see people smiling.

“Everyone you meet, you become a part of their journey.”

The first 10 stories created under the Our People Our Stories project have been released and are available to read here. Stories will be released on a regular basis over coming months.