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Three years to Snap Send Solve thousands of requests

Snap Send Solve three years
Thousands of requests have been lodged via Snap Send Solve in the three years since the app was introduced as a contact method for Bundaberg Regional Council

More than 5800 Snap Send Solve requests have been resolved by Bundaberg Regional Council in the three years since the app was introduced.

Making it easier and more convenient for residents to lodge an issue with Council, it’s as simple as snapping a picture, clicking send and being notified when it has been solved.

To mark the anniversary of its introduction in August 2018, statistics on the most reported issues have been revealed, helping Council to solve:

● 695 overgrown vegetation reports
● 522 requests related to water and sewerage
● 694 pavement requests
● 648 reports regarding roads
● 269 incidents of dumped rubbish

Organisational Services portfolio spokesperson Cr Steve Cooper said Snap Send Solve had provided residents with a valuable and convenient tool to report issues to Council.

“The Bundaberg Region stretches across almost 6500km sq, so to have hundreds of residents lodging thousands of reports through Snap Send Solve means these issues come to Council’s attention more quickly,” Cr Cooper said.

“Our staff can’t be everywhere at once, but by receiving these detailed, visual and accurate reports we can ensure we prioritise the right projects and get them fixed as soon as possible.

“The convenience of the application has been another driver for increased reports and we know this avenue of contacting Council has been welcomed by many residents.”

Cr Cooper said, depending on the type of report, Snap Send Solve could also help to improve efficiencies.

“If the report is sent at the same location where the picture of the issue was taken, we receive the exact coordinates of the reported issue which in some circumstances can be a real time saver.

“It’s also beneficial for our maintenance staff to be able to view a photo of the matter of concern and often means they can arrive on site with all the tools and material required to provide an immediate fix.”

Snap Send Solve CEO Danny Gorog said they are excited to be celebrating the platform’s three-year partnership anniversary with Bundaberg Regional Council this month.

“Snap Send Solve is a free app that allows Council to quickly receive specific information from its local residents and visitors on issues of community importance, and to track customer satisfaction levels,” Mr Gorog said.

“Since Bundaberg Regional started implementing Snap Send Solve in 2018, Council has received 5871 reports from its local residents and visitors through the free Snap Send Solve app.

To find out more, head to Council’s website or download Snap Send Solve for free on the App Store or Google Play.

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