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Bed expert in Bundy to share tips for good night sleep

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Bed expert and Solace Sleep founder Darren Nelson is travelling across regional Queensland speaking about sleep issues, focusing on positional and comfort therapy.

Bed expert and Solace Sleep founder Darren Nelson has opened a pop up shop in Stockland Bundaberg to help the community learn more about positional and comfort therapy.

According to Solace Sleep the average person spends nearly half their life lying in bed, making it important that the niggles and pains experienced during the day are avoided by having the correct bed.

Darren said many people find it difficult to get a good night's sleep, looking for soultions through music, aromatheraphy or even medications, rather than considering the bed they are sleeping on adn the positions they are sleeping in.

“How many people in Bundaberg wake up still feeling tired?” he said.

“One of the major benefits of an adjustable bed is that the body is allowed to rest and sleep in an ergonomically correct position that follows the natural curve of the spine.

“We always talk about two things. Positional therapy and comfort therapy. Our spines are curved – not flat so we need a bed that supports that.”

“Positional therapy is where you match the bed to the natural curves of your body, alleviating pressure points off your body, while comfort therpay is matching your body to a mattress that is comfortable.”

Bed experts are on hand in the Bed Solace Pop Up store at Bundaberg Stocklands next to Woolworths until the end of the month.

“Come and talk to a bed expert and tell us about how you sleep. We can help you and offer tips and advice,” he said.

“We’ve helped people who for example have had a C-PAP machine when really their problem was they needed to be elevated and not lying flat.

“To get the best value from your bed, help ease most ailments and improve sleep quality, the best results are most often gained by sleeping on your back when correct head and elevation.”

It is important to align the matress with your individual body shape and type, to ensure that you are getting the best sleep possible.

“If you are around 60 to 70 kilograms you should have something softer than someone who is 100 kilograms,” he said.

“It’s about aligning your mattress to your own body shape and your body’s needs to give you the right support.”

While adjustable beds were designed they were originally designed for hospital use, but manufacturers saw the benefits of adjustable beds for home use as well with sales of domestic use beds skyrocketing in the psat 12 months.

“Whether you want to recline for rest, prop up your feet, and read a book, adjustable beds can customise the base’s position with a touch of the button,” he said.

“It will increase the oxygen flow into your body and reduce the pressure on your upper and lower back.

“Without sleep our bodies do not restore and our health will deteriorate.”

Data from applied health science has found using an adjustable bed resulted in:

• 93% report a sound night’s sleep
• 87% report less back pain
• 92% report more comfort
• 94% recommend to others

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