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Students, Council collaborate on environmental project

Washpool Creek students
St Johns Grade 6 students worked alongside Council at Washpool Creek Corridor.

Students at St John's Lutheran Primary School were recently given the opportunity to collaborate with Bundaberg Regional Council on an environmental project.

Council's Washpool Creek Naturalisation project team engaged with the Grade 6 class to collaboratively discuss how they would like to use the Washpool Creek corridor space, develop design ideas and learn about the benefits of green infrastructure.

Between Ford Street and Bundaberg Creek, the Washpool Creek corridor is currently comprised of a concrete channel and large open grassed areas with sparse mature trees.

St John's project
St Johns Grade 6 students listened to Council's Tim Fichera talk about the Washpool Creek Naturalisation project.

The innovative project will deliver an integrated public open space that balances its technical stormwater drainage function while also delivering significant water quality, ecological and environmental benefits.

Council's senior engineer program management officer Tim Fichera said collaborating with students on the project provided Council with a fresh insight.

“It's important to understand how the younger generation want to use this space so we can provide the appropriate facilities to attract the public,” he said.

St John's project
One of the designs from student Thea.

“It's also important to educate the younger generation on the value of green infrastructure and how it can help restore biodiversity and ecology in Washpool Creek.”

St. John's teacher Aaron Bakker said 27 students were involved in the workshop and were excited to take part in “life worthy” learning.

“The benefits of students participating in a project like this is that they get to be exposed to a variety of professionals in the community that are solving real-world issues,” he said.

“It allowed them to have input into the design of a space that is relevant to them and our school community.

“This makes their learning have more meaning and engaging for the students because they can see a reason and the application of their skills in new contexts.”

To find out more about the Washpool Creek Naturalisation Project click here.

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