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Bundy’s biggest scavenger hunt kicks off soon

Get Ready Goosechase
High school students Billy Clark, Noah McLellan and Zoe Parker have been involved in the creation of a mobile app scavenger hunt aimed at teaching participants about how to prepare in a natural disaster.

The biggest scavenger hunt of the year will soon take place throughout the Bundaberg Region, aiming to educate youth on how to respond and recover in a natural disaster through mobile technology.

The Get Ready Goosechase of 2021 combines disaster recovery education with an app-based game, taking explorers on a mission around the community to find clues and information on how to prepare in storms, fires, floods and more.

Mayor Jack Dempsey said the unique scavenger hunt was designed in a fun and engaging way and had been developed through Council's Community Resilience program with the help of a small group of the region's youth.

“The Get Ready Goosechase uses a specialised mobile app to take participants on a journey within the community,” he said.

“The aim of the scavenger hunt is to build resilience through raising awareness and understanding on how to prepare, respond and recover from natural disaster events that can impact our region, using online platforms that are engaging and relevant to young people,” he said.

“Missions have been put together that you can do at home, but also out in the community and in a way that no matter where you live in the region, everyone has the same opportunity to win.”

Mayor Dempsey said many local businesses had jumped on board to support the initiative through the donation of prizes, which can be won by participants at various points of the scavenger hunt.

“Across the month participants will have the opportunity to win other great prize packs by completing missions and getting involved,” he said.

“With the great support of our partners like Guzman Y Gomez, Slicks Barber Shop, Hinkler Hall of Aviation and R U OK?, to name a few, you never know what you may find in our prize packs, but we are sure you will find something you like!”

Bundaberg State High School students Billy Clark and Noah McLellan and North Bundaberg State High School's Zoe Parker have been part of developing the initiative with Council and said The Get Ready Goosechase provided many benefits.

Get Ready Goosechase
Students with Cr Steve Cooper promoting The Get Ready Goosechase of 2021.

“I think this app would be great because it will raise awareness while giving people something to do, especially in these COVID times,” Zoe said.

“The theme of natural disasters will help participants to learn more about what to do and could potentially save lives.”

The Great Get Ready Goosechase of 2021 is open for registration to all young people aged 13 to 18 years and will begin on 1 October and finish on 31 October.

Register now to get your Get Ready Goosechase kit, which will have all the information and items you will need to complete a range of missions to earn points to win from our prize pool valued at over $2000.

Get Ready Goosechase prizes include:

1st prize a $500 gift voucher from Harvey Noman

2nd prize a $300 gift voucher from Guzman Y Gomez

3rd prize a $150 gift voucher from CottonON

Once registered, you will be able to collect your Get Ready Goosechase kit in late September where you will be given the details on using the Goosechase app, game code and password and the information and props you will need for mission and be ready to start on 1 October.

For more information and to register go click here.

GYG restaurant manager Daniel Lines with Council's disaster management program support officer Beth Whitworth and student Zoe Parker.

The Get Ready Goosechase, is an initiative of the Community Resilience Program which has been fully funded by the Australian Government under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

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