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The whiting are biting in Baffle Creek

Lukas Loeskow with a nice feed of whiting he caught at Baffle Creek

The Kolan River and Baffle Creek

These two river systems are two of the best rivers to fish as the water temperature rises.

Barramundi and mangrove jack are prolific in both systems.

Baits such as spratt and poddy mullet will definitely get you a feed.

Also, for the lure fishermen, casting tight around structure with any type of prawn lure or a 3” to 4” paddle tail soft plastic will have you hooked up in no time.

If anyone is starting out with soft plastics or wanting to give it a go there have also been plenty of flathead around.

Drifting over the flats, casting up current, let your lure of choice hit the bottom and with a hop retrieve, work it back to the boat.

That should get you a feed.

Bundaberg offshore

For the boats that got offshore last week, we received good reports of red emperor, coral trout, grass sweetlip, and parrot being caught.

This weekend is looking pretty average wind wise for anyone looking to head offshore. Always check the latest forecast before heading out. 

Bundaberg inshore

For any boats wanting to fish the inshore reefs, get out early before the wind picks up.

We have been getting good reports of school mackerel and tuna all along the coast.

Have a troll along with your smaller hard body lures until you find any schools and then cast a chrome slug in amongst the school to pick up a feed.

Baffle Creek fishing
Lucas Loeskow with a flathead he caught at Baffle Creek

For the bait fisherman, floating out a pilchard when the fish are found should also get you a feed.

The Burnett River

As the season changes and the water starts to warm, the barra and mangrove jack start to get more active.

Fishing structure with either live bait such as mullet or spratt will put you in a high percentage of getting a feed.

For the lure fisherman, casting surface lures like the MMD splash prawn tight to cover a 3” to 4” soft plastic should also put fish in the boat.

The bream and large flathead have also been on the chew. 

Mullet, prawns and spratt being some of the baits being used to chase this bread and butter species.

If you haven’t got yourself a feed of prawns yet they are still on.

Get yourself a good chain cast net and a good length of rope and give it a go. Fresh is best!

Lake Monduran

With water temperatures rising in the lake, the barra are just waiting to strike.

Turn the water temperature up a few degrees and it will be game on.

The odd few fish have been caught over the last few weeks around and over the magic metre with reports of hundreds of fish been sounded up on side scan all over the lake.

Side image of Barra at Lake Monduran taken by Dale Smith

Barra can be such a finnicky fish and that’s what makes them such a great sport fish. 

Water temperature, wind direction and the weather can play a major role for when the fish will feed.

Casting in the right areas at the right time will improve your catch rate.

Doing your homework on the lake prior to heading out can also save time and help get you in the right areas to put the percentages in your favour.

Keep on casting

Shane Anderson

Tackle World Bundaberg