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Espresso Loca serves up coffee that’s good for the earth

Espresso Loca bar
Barista Kaiden Lucas at the Espresso Loca coffee bar which opens on Wednesday.

A new coffee bar will open its doors in Bundaberg on Wednesday, serving up a strong recycling message along with a good brew or two.

Espresso Loca is situated on Quay Street and offers caffeine lovers a quick and easy coffee pit-stop at the “street style” bar.

Owned by Endup Cup creators Taylor McMahon and Mark Mattson, the duo said they designed the space to promote their cup return and compost initiative while providing the community with a new place to grab a great coffee.

“Through Endup Cups we partner with Green Solutions Wide Bay to compost our specially made coffee cups in order to help the environment,” Taylor said.

“We decided to open a flagship store to show people how Endup Cups can be used, not only in a cafe-style setting but also how customers can do their part in the recycling initiative through cup returns.”

Taylor said the bar would work to help the environment by promoting the cycle of recycling.

“Customers have the opportunity to take part in our recycling rewards program which gifts them 25 cents off their next coffee every time they bring their Endup Cup back to us to be composted,” he said.

“If you collect ten points in the program, that's $2.50 off your next order – there is no limit as to how many cups you can bring back.

“Other ways in which we are focusing on that environmental message is by going completely strawless and having no cutlery on site.”

Espresso Loca coffee bar
Taylor McMahon and Kaiden Lucas at the Espresso Loca coffee bar.

Taylor said Espresso Loca was unlike any other business in the region, spruiking ways to help the environment through a walk-up style bar with a quirky menu.

“We wanted to bring something a little bit different to Bundaberg,” he said.

“Our street-style espresso bar serves delicious organic Peru coffee on the go, featuring all of the specialty milks at no added cost.

“We will also have nitro coffee on tap, which is coffee infused with nitrogen that creates a fizzy cold drink perfect for the upcoming warmer weather.”

Taylor said they were also excited to stock Butterbings at the coffee bar.

“These butter cream brownies will come in four staple flavours with a new feature flavour rotated every two weeks,” he said.

“We will also have a small range of juices, but predominately it’s all about the coffee!”

Espresso Loca will be open seven days a week next to Bundaberg Discount Furniture on Quay Street.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday 5am to 6pm and Saturday to Sunday from 7am to 11am.

Follow the Espresso Loca Facebook page here.

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