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Historic Burnett Heads Lighthouse gets a facelift

Burnett Heads Lighthouse
The Mark Haster Painting team were thrilled to work on the refurbishment of the Historic Burnett Heads Lighthouse.

The historic Burnett Heads Lighthouse has been given a spruce up with Bundaberg Regional Council and the community working together to put some life back into the much-loved building.

Council began conducting timber repair work after requests were made by local residents to refresh the building.

Then, Mark Haster Painting was engaged to take on the task of rejuvenating its colour.

The historic Burnett Heads Lighthouse serviced the Bundaberg Region coast for 99 years, from 1873 to 1972.

When it was replaced by a more modern tower the Bundaberg Historical Museum Committee, along with the Burnett Heads Progress Association and the Woongarra Shire Council, instigated efforts to ensure the old lighthouse was preserved as an important part of the region's history.

Paint job a unique project for Mark and his team

Burnett Heads Lighthuse
The Historic Burnett Heads Lighthouse after its refurbishment.

Mark Haster said painting the lighthouse was an interesting project for his team to be involved in.

“All of the boys were quite excited because of the building's history – it was a great job,” he said.

“We do a lot of commercial work so to be able to participate in something like this was amazing.”

Mark said the team, who have some previous experience in painting historic buildings after recently completing The Dental Chambers on Barolin Street, took time to research the lighthouse before beginning the paint work.

“The whole outside was painted white while the trim and other parts of the lighthouse was refreshed with red,” he said.

“We did a little bit of research with Council about the exact colour of red to use.

“The original colour had turned maroon over the years so we have worked to bring it back to how it was first painted.”

History of the historic Burnett Heads Lighthouse

Burnett Heads Lighthouse
The lighthouse was built in 1873 and manned by a keeper until 1932 when it was converted to a gas operation. Photo: Picture Bundaberg, Gaal, Beris, donor, bun00147

According to a heritage article by Bundaberg Library, the Burnett Heads Lighthouse was situated on the Burnett River’s south head in 1873.

It was originally sited at Cowan Cowan on Moreton Island.

When the decision was made to upgrade lighthouse facilities, the old lighthouse was moved to Burnett Heads to become what is now known as the Old (historic) Burnett Heads Lighthouse.

Burnett Heads Lighthouse
The Burnett Heads Lighthouse just prior to its removal to the new site in 1972.

Made of timber in a hexagonal shape, the lighthouse is 22 feet 6 inches high.

The Queensland Government operated the lighthouse until 1916 when the Commonwealth took over responsibility.

Originally the lamp burnt vegetable oil however, shortly after the lighthouse was relocated from Cowan Cowan to Burnett Heads, the lamp was converted to kerosene operation.

In 1932 the fuel for the light was converted from kerosene to acetylene gas which burnt brighter and cleaner.

The lighthouse was still manned until the new lighthouse was built, as prior to technological advances keepers had to ensure that the light stayed lit and bright 24 hours a day.




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