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Super Vax Weekend kicks off in Bundaberg Region

super vax weekend tafe
The Bundaberg Tafe vaccination hub will be open this weekend as part of the state's super vax weekend.

The Bundaberg Tafe and Childers Showgrounds will be open to the public for walk-in vaccinations as part of the Queensland Super Vax Weekend.

Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service is opening up the Tafe vaccination hub on Saturday and Sunday and the mobile vaccination van at Childers Showgrounds will be open on Saturday.

WBHHS Vaccine Lead Fiona Sewell said it was fantastic to be part of the state-wide effort to lift the vaccination rate.

“Our vaccination hubs and mobile outreach van will be offering anyone who walks in this weekend the Pfizer vaccine,” Ms Sewell said.

“Anyone 12 years or older can receive the Pfizer vaccine from our clinics this weekend, it’s as simple as just showing up.

“It’s really important to get vaccinated now in case of future outbreak in Queensland – especially now that we’ve seen Delta spreading in New South Wales and Victoria.”

Super Vax Weekend opening hours are:

  • Bundaberg TAFE: Saturday and Sunday 8am to 3pm
  • Childers Showgrounds: Saturday from 9:30am to 4pm

Mayor Jack Dempsey said the Local Disaster Management Group was urging the community to take part in the super vax weekend.

“We want to be leading the rest of the state,” he said.

“We are in it together, so I want to encourage everybody right across the Wide Bay to get those jabs, to get in at the weekend, to get the information and to be able to make sure to not only keep yourself safe but the rest of the community.”

Super Vax Weekend
Mayor Jack Dempsey with WBHHS Vaccine Lead Fiona Sewell and Acting Inspector Michael Bishop.

Acting Inspector of Bundaberg Patrol Group Michael Bishop said local officers would be present at the vaccination hubs and played an important role during the pandemic.

“Our role is to provide primarily logistical support to the health response, and we use that via our disaster management frameworks working in partnership with community bodies throughout the Wide Bay,” he said.

“Overall, there has been quite a high level of compliance in the community throughout the pandemic with all the different rules that have changed throughout the many different times.”

Ms Sewell added people were welcome to drop by the vaccination hubs during Super Vac Weekend even if they had some questions they wanted answered before being vaccinated.

“Our qualified team of clinicians at the vaccination hubs, including on duty medical officers, are able to answer questions about vaccination and are happy to talk to anyone about it,” she said.

“If you have those questions answered then you can choose to get vaccinated or return home to think about your decision further – the main thing is to get that expert advice now so you can make a decision.

“This weekend is about getting record vaccinations to ensure that we keep Queenslanders safe. Come and join us to knock this out of the park.”

To find out more about WBHHS vaccination clinics, including opening hours, visit: www.health.qld.gov.au/widebay/html/covid-19/vaccine



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