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Tammy and Wendy share a creative bond

Tammy and Wendy
The What Comfort Zone exhibition showcases more than 30 lino prints and clay artworks made by Tammy Clark and Wendy Francis.

It was a special 50th birthday for artist Tammy Clark as she celebrated with a combined art exhibition with her mother Wendy Francis.

Titled What Comfort Zone, the exhibition showcased more than 30 lino prints and clay artworks made by the duo.

As Tammy’s carer, Wendy said they had both embraced the art world, which allowed them the freedom to express their emotions through their creativity.

Wendy, 74, said it was the second time they had held a joint exhibition, and she believed it was important to celebrate the diversity of artists in the Bundaberg Region.

“In this instance I contributed as Tammy’s support act,” Wendy said.

“Tam has been creating art for the last three to four years, and she goes to see Kathy Valks out at Bargara and she is such a gifted teacher, and Tam has learnt so much.

“Tammy has 16 pieces here, and she has already sold 9!

“It took a while for myself to come to create lino prints, but now I love it – it’s an exercise in patience for me.”

Bundaberg Art Society president Marilyn Batty said the week-long exhibition opened at the Hazzard Gallery on Thursday with an afternoon high tea, which included special guests.

Tammy and Wendy
Tammy Clark celebrated her 50th birthday with a joint art exhibition with her mother Wendy Francis at the Hazzard Gallery. Pictured is some of Tammy's clay creations.

“We had a special party here, and some special guests arrived as Tammy goes out to ZamZook Park and walks the alpacas – she has a special alliance with them,” Marilyn said.

“So, for a special surprise they had two alpacas in pink ties come here for this special young lady, as Tam is not comfortable in big crowds, we made it a small gathering here for the opening of What Comfort Zone.”

What Comfort Zone is open to the public 9am to noon, Tuesday and Thursday this week, at the Hazzard Gallery on Walker Street.

There will be no rest for the volunteers at the Hazzard Gallery, as soon as the pack up Tammy and Wendy’s exhibition, they will work to install the members abstract exhibition, Seduce the Senses.

The opening night of Seduce and Senses will be Friday, 1 October at 6pm, followed by Saturday and Sunday between 9am and 2pm, and each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9am to noon thereafter for three weeks.