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Catastrophe avoided: Kitten rescued from inside wall

kitten Council rescue
Council carpenter Jason Goodman-Jones rescued a kitten from inside a wall at the Gin Gin Community Hub.

It was a unique day on the job for Bundaberg Regional Council carpenter Jason Goodman-Jones, who has now been given the added title of “kitten rescuer”, after saving a cute, furry feline from inside a wall.

Jason said he was called to action by staff at the Gin Gin Community Hub after a family of cats had taken up residence in the facility's roof.

“We received another call from the team to say one of the kittens had fallen down in the wall cavity and they could hear it meowing,” Jason said.

Wasting no time, he said staff quickly made a hole in the wall so the kitten could poke its face through.

kitten Council rescue
A kitten peeps through a hole in the wall at the Gin Gin Community Hub.

“I made the hole bigger and started talking to it and the kitten came straight out,” he said.

“It looked to be only about six weeks old but in pretty good health.

“It had a drink and was quite vocal.”

While Jason said the rescue had made for an interesting day, it wasn't the first time he had experienced an animal encounter while on the job.

“This is my first kitten rescue but I have helped other animals before,” he said.

“A cat, possums, I have rescued a few birds – mostly those that accidentally fly into the windows and become dazed and confused.”

The rescued kitten has since been taken into care.

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