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Cat condos offer luxury boarding for felines

cat condos
Dr Rue with the new cat condos at Bundaberg South Vet Clinic.

Furry felines now have a new, luxury accommodation option to stay in when their owners go away with Bundaberg South Vet Clinic's cat condo expansion.

The luxurious, spacious and comfortable condos feature separate rooms, play areas, a toileting section and a sleeping area for its feline visitors.

The clinic's co-owner and veterinarian Rue Mukandi said the condos were also hot property, with only four rooms available for booking.

Dr Rue said the expansion was something she and partner Dr Clarence Bere had decided on after getting many requests for a cat boarding service.

“We were regularly getting our clients asking to board their cats when they went away on holidays,” she said.

“It took us so long because if we were going to do it, we wanted it to be separate from the dog side to reduce stress and to offer modern cat friendly boarding.”

The renovation work began in October last year and was finished in March, allowing the team plenty of time to become prepped for the new service.

Dr Rue said the cat condos were fitted out with top-quality features to ensure each feline was at their happiest during their stay.

“The condos feature an airflow system that eliminates odours and minimises risk of airborne disease,” she said.

“There are three separate rooms that can be accessed individually and an elevated, private sleeping area offering a quiet safe space for napping and observing (especially important for shy cats).

“There is also a lounge area with a view and different levels for exploring, playing, napping and eating.”

cat condos
The new cat condos at Bundaberg South Vet Clinic.

Dr Rue said the changes not only featured the addition of cat condos, but also plenty of other inclusions to benefit all animals that visited the clinic.

“This space has the cat condos, a cat treatment area and hospital, cat consultation room and a waiting area,” Dr Rue said.

“We wanted to completely separate the cats from the dogs to increase their comfort when at our premises.

“We renovated the old side to add a dental space and also increased the number of dog cages and dog consultation rooms.”

Dr Rue and Dr Clarence, who came to Australia from Zimbabwe in 2007, said they loved every minute of their Bundaberg South Vet Clinic business journey.

“We lived in Sydney first and moved to Bundaberg in 2009 and we fell in love with Bundaberg and never left,” Dr Rue said.

“We opened the doors to our clinic on August 7, 2014.

“We will never forget the day because exactly 10 days later we gave birth to our youngest son, so both our babies are seven now!”

“We love our work and are very pleased with the outcome of the expansion and renovations.

“We have an amazing team that is diligent, dedicated and goes above and beyond what is expected of them to provide a consistently excellent service.”

More information about Bundaberg South Vet Clinic and its new cat condos are available on their Facebook page and website.