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Recycling habits focus of national campaign

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Bundaberg Regional Council Waste and recycling portfolio spokesperson Cr Tanya McLoughlin is encouraging residents to Recycle Right

Bundaberg Regional Council is asking the community to reflect on their recycling habits as part of National Recycling Week.

The Planet Ark event is celebrated every year from 8 to 14 November and aims to help residents brush up on recycling knowledge and discover new tricks to cut down on waste and improve recycling and reuse.

Council's Waste and Recycling portfolio spokesperson Cr Tanya McLoughlin said there were over 40,000 waste bins serviced across the region every week, with each household producing almost 800 kg of waste and 195 kg of recycling each year.

“In our region, 10 per cent of every waste bin is filled with material that could be recycled in the yellow bin,” she said.

“This equals 3120 tonnes of recycling or is equivalent to 480 full garbage trucks of waste.”

National week focuses on recycling habits

Cr McLoughlin said it was important to recycle right in order to reduce unnecessary waste going into landfill and ultimately, helping to protect the environment.

“While residents are doing a fantastic job in recycling through the yellow-lidded bins, there is always room to improve,” she said.

“To help make it easy to recycle, have a separate waste and recycle bin inside your home, just as you do outside of your home.

“Separate and store your e-waste, batteries, chemicals and sharps at home and, on your next trip to the waste facility, dispose for free!

“Also, sort soft plastics at home and take them to collection bins at REDcycle participating supermarkets so the plastic can be taken away for recycling that creates park equipment, benches and chairs.”

Cr McLoughlin said as well as helping to protect the environment, there were other benefits of recycling that directly helped the region.

“Everything placed in the yellow top bin is hand sorted by Impact Community Services staff and supports local jobs,” she said.

“On top of this, recycling right helps keep our region clean which gives our beautiful environment even more of an opportunity to thrive.”

View Bundaberg Regional Council's Recycle Right page for the latest advice and to improve household and business recycling habits.

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