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Book Review: One Last Dance

Author: Emma Jane Holmes

Publisher: HQ Non Fiction, Sydney

Publication date: 2021

Genre: Non-Fiction

Reviewer: Hayley Martell

one last dance
One last dance by Emma Jane Holmes.

I loved this book.

I first heard Emma Jane speaking on a podcast, and after listening to her story I knew I had to know more.

So, I went and got her book. It’s a true story about Emma’s life as a mortician…and a lap dancer.

How does one woman wind up doing two very different occupations?

As a child Emma Jane dreamt of being a mortician, which may seem strange for a child but it was her calling.

She scored her dream job, but sadly after a marriage breakdown it didn’t pay all the bills that were mounting up.

To make ends meet Emma Jane began dancing at a club, and so her alter ego, Madison, was born.

Emma Jane invites readers to learn more about two little-known industries.

Death is something that frightens a lot of us, and from reading this book I think it gives a deep insight into what happens behind closed doors in the mortuary.

She gives her “clients” dignity in death: right from the moment in the middle of the night when she gets the call that someone has passed and they need to be collected, up until the moment she is directing the funeral.

I think Emma Jane is a truly special person and has the kindest heart.

This book will stay with me for a long time, and I would absolutely recommend it.

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