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Boiled water alert lifted – Wallaville

UPDATE: 23 December 2021

Bundaberg Regional Council advises all residents in Wallaville that tap water used for drinking is now safe to consume.

The boil water notice has been removed and tap water can once again be used for all typical uses including drinking, preparing food and beverages, personal washing, dishwashing, laundry purposes and flushing toilets.

Bundaberg Regional Council has worked closely with Queensland Health over the past week to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Bundaberg Regional Council and Queensland Health will continue to closely monitor the situation.

Homeowners and residents are advised to run internal taps for 2-3 minutes to ensure that any contaminated water is flushed from their plumbing. Owners and managers of large buildings should ensure that their entire system is flushed and that storage tanks are drained and refilled.

Residents are asked to share this notice with neighbours and friends.

Council thanks residents for their compliance and understanding throughout this process and apologises for any inconvenience caused. These precautionary measures were taken in the interest of public health. Your safety is our top priority.

For more information, visit bundaberg.qld.gov.au or phone 1300 883 699.

Earlier (16 December)

Bundaberg Regional Council wishes to advise that a Boil Water Notice is now in place for residents of Wallaville from 16 December 2021 until further notice.

Bundaberg Regional Councils’ Wallaville Water Treatment Plant draws water from the Burnett River to treat and supply water to the local communities. The water quality of the Burnett River is currently very poor because of the sediment entering the catchment from recent heavy rainfall.

The consequence of the poor source water is the inability to reliably purify the water. As a precautionary measure we request that all residents in the affected locations boil the water for the uses noted below.

Our Water Treatment Team is working to rectify the issue as a priority.

The boil water alert will remain in place until Bundaberg Regional Council and Queensland Health are confident there is no longer a public health concern. Regular updates will be provided to affected communities.

Please ensure that all ice, infant formula, juice, drink mixes etc that were made before the boil water advice was issued is disposed of.

Residents are asked to bring drinking water to a rolling boil and then allow water to cool before using it or storing it in a clean, closed container for later use. Kettles with automatic cut-off switches are suitable for producing boiled water and variable temperature kettles should be set to boil.

Use cooled boiled water or bottled water for:
• drinking
• brushing teeth and gargling
• preparing and cooking foods
• washing raw foods such as fruit and vegetables
• preparing beverages and making ice
• preparing baby formula
• sponge-bathing infants.

Unboiled drinking water can be used for:
• showering and bathing other than infants (avoid getting water in the mouth)
• washing dishes by hand or in a dishwasher, provided dishes are air-dried
• washing clothes
• flushing toilets.

Residents are urged to share this alert with neighbours and friends.

Council is currently nearing completion of a new Water Treatment Plant to service the area with more advanced technology that will be able to treat the current water quality if it’s experienced in future.

For more information, visit bundaberg.qld.gov.au or phone 1300 883 699.



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