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Bowls results from across the region

bowls results and notes
Find out all the news and results from the region's social bowls clubs.


Tuesday 14th December: Mixed Triples $420.00 Day sponsored by Northside Produce.

Samson Green:
Winners: M. Troughton, K. Hiley, R. Russell. Runners Up: T. Salau, A. Salau, Scott. Sportsperson: L. Bagley, J. Jones, S. Sparke.

Foundation Green:
Winners: R. Poelstra, C. Walker, G. Selly. Runners Up: R. Chambers, J. Clough, L. Poulsen. Sportsperson: E. Lutz, R. Bury, A. Edgerton.

Thursday 16th December:
Winners: R. Sydenham, R. Ribbans. Sportspersons: R. Poelstra, G. Purches, V. Schmidt.

Saturday 18th December: $600.00 Day sponsored by Ross Gray Motor City

Samson Green:
Winners: R. Ribbans, S. Ribbans, R. Sydenham. Runners Up: H. McKinnon, M. Zacher, D. Harding. Runners Up: J. Jones, A. Jones, F. Millerick. Sportspersons: N. Lincoln, T. Lincoln, B. McKinnon.

Foundation Green:
Winners: L. Quinn, D. Cooke, G. Mallett. Runners Up 1: J. Barrett, R. Chambers, J. Clough. Runners Up 2: R. Poelstra, R. Death, B. Newton. Sportspersons: A. Holt, C. Watt, R. Heilbron.

Competition Results:

Open Mixed Fours: E. Angove, K. Evans, F. Millerick, R. Russell def B. Hofstetter, C. Marcinkus, C. Suzor, M. Nicol.

Club Christmas Breakup held at the Club on Friday 18th December:

A large number of Club Members attended the celebrations. After the meal prizes were presented to the winners of Club Championships.

This was followed by a Male Group Skit under the direction of S. Gastaldon.

The last item was the drawing of the Christmas continuous Raffle – We would like to thank all Club members who donated the 40 prizes in the Raffle and all the bowlers who purchased tickets. The Raffle was very successful and raised a good profit for the Club.


  1. F. Millerick 2. F. Millerick 3. R. Peatey 4. R. Lear 5. B. McKinnon 6. M. Nicol 7. R. Bury 8. R. Poulson 9. S. Gastaldon, 10. J. Jones 11. W. Pohle 12. G. Mallett 13. J. Haines 14. R. Chambers 15. M. Fitzpatrick
  2. M. Kelly 17. L. Quinn 18. A. Salau 19. S. Hucker 20. C. Petersen 21. S. Sparke 22. A. Salau 23. M. Foster 24. R. Chambers 25. K. Itzstein 26. R. Peatey 27. G. Downie 28. A. Edgerton 29. M. Petersen 30. H. Foster 31. F. Millerick 32. A. Salau 33. A. Salau 34. M. Fitzpatrick 35. L. Quinn 36. J. Emery 37. F. Millerick 38. R. Sydenham 39. T. Lear 40. S. Bury.

Upcoming Events:

Sunday 19th December to Wednesday 22nd December: Working Bees at 7.00 a..m. Renovation of the Foundation Green. Helpers are needed.

The Club's AGM will be held on Saturday 5th February 2022 at 10.00 a.m.


Results Monday 13th December – Turkey Pairs – Winners P. Barker and B. Hearn; runners up K. Gallagher and B. Henniss; 2nd runners up J. and J. Nowell. Winners First Game S. Nichols and S. Burgess; Second Game B. Watt and B. Burgess.

Thursday 16th December – Men’s Pairs – Winners D. Fielding and D. Raggart; A. Johnson and J. Beek; G. McCormack and W. Heath; B. McDermott and J. Jardine. Sportsman’s D. Harding and W. Horn; J. Alder, T. Fauser and J. Hillier; N. McNamara and A. Grills; R. Monk and W. Waugh.

Sunday 19th December – Super Sunday Triples – Winners J. Nowell, J. Bryant and K. Bayntun; W. and N. McNamara and V. Kohn; D. Fielding, M. Troughton and D. Raggart; S. Wilson, J. Edwards and J. Lewis. Sportsman’s Jim See, R. Alder and John See; J. McInally, R. Harvey and B. McDermott; J. Kearney, K. and A. Almond; S. Bianchi, J. Cannon and T. Chippendale.

Coming Events: Mondays Turkey Pairs: Open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) 2 Games of 11 Ends 1pm Start.
Thursdays Men’s Pairs 1pm Start.




Tuesday 14th December: Winners: W Watson, G McLennan Runners Up: M Lucy, M Stockton Sportsman: R Spencer, R Swallow

Wednesday 15th December: Scroungers: Winner: K Whalley Runners Up: M Lucy, A Goldsworthy

Thursday 16th December: Winners: Robbie, Brian & Col D Runners Up: John D & Ian Nicko Sportsman: Col, Max & Annette. Pick the Joker Jackpot was not won and next week will be $55+.

Friday 17th December: Winners: G Ferguson, M Jeffs 1st Runners Up: C Toft, J Jardine 2nd Runners Up: Chilli Pete, A Woods Sportsman: R Spencer, W Watson. Jackpot was won and will restart at $40 next year

Saturday 11th December: Break Up Day sponsored by the Whalley Family. All prizes were Hams valued at $40. McBride Green – Winners: G Jackson, W McCurley, D Kemp Runners Up: J Ogden, L Duvey, J Franks Sportsman: B Hannah, S Coleman, G Gill. Centenary Green – Winners: J Jardine, B McDermott, S Jardine Runners Up: P Hunt, Leah, B Whalley Sportsman: R Golchert, Jim, G Whalley.


Any 2021 Competition games not finished will need to be completed as early as possible in the new year.


Visitors most welcome on all playing days. Entry sheets are at the club or phone the club on 41514217. If you cannot get through on the club number regarding bowls then phone 0401341378 or 0466539441.

Tuesday 21st December: Open Pairs $200 Guaranteed Prizemoney – 1pm start. Names in by 12pm, green fees paid by 12.45pm

Wednesday night 22nd December: Scroungers – 6.30pm start, names before 6.15pm. This is a fun game of singles similar to consistency singles, played in groups of 3 or 4 per rink over 12 ends. Green fees are $5, and 50 percent of green fees will be returned as prizemoney. Everyone welcome.

Thursday 23rd December: Open Pairs 1.00pm start followed by night bowls at 6.30pm where you can bowl under lights in the cool and enjoy a fun filled night with a chance at the “Pick the Joker Jackpot”. Visitors and those who want to try bowls for the first time will be made very welcome. Names before 6.00pm, start at 6.30pm.

Friday 24th December: Club Closed.


Thursday 23rd December: As the Club is closed on Friday there will be bowls played on Thursday afternoon starting at 1.00pm. Open Pairs 50/50 with 50 percent of the green fees being returned a prizemoney. The normal Thursday night bowls is still on and in addition, the Friday night raffles will be drawn on Thursday night, so come along and enjoy a meal and a few drinks before the Club closes for Christmas. There will also be live entertainment provided by “The Other Bloke”, even more reason to come along before the extended break. Hope to see you at the Club.



S. Carney, G. Gunn d. C. Stallan, J. Gaffney

K. Erickson, G. Blain, B. Nathan d. M. Foot/Roger, B. Klassen, N. Holmes

C. Stallen, J. Gaffney defeated by S. Carney, G. Gunn

B. Harris, A. Nathan, Liam Kronk d. L. Haggard, R. Vanderwall, B. O'Neil
B. Patterson, J. Abel d. S. Hedger, P. Collie
A. Massey, G. Jackson d. G. Job, P. Fox
D. Brear, Lynden Kronk d. J. McKechnie, D. Franklin
D. Kenyon, K. Bromley, N. Nunn d. K. Diamond, M. Carney, L. Lovatt



With 15 ends won A. Massey, S. Morton, H. Morton

With 14 ends won J. Connell, B. O'Neil, D. Franklin

With 13 ends won N. Nunn, A. Nathan, B. Nathan

With 11 ends won M. Carney, S. Carney, G. Gunn

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