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Draft Washpool Creek masterplan open for consultation

Draft Washpool Creek masterplan
The draft Washpool Creek masterplan is available for review

The draft Washpool Creek masterplan has been released revealing the vision for the area ahead of the first stage of the long-term project.

The project will see an outdated concrete drain converted into a natural waterway which features stepping stones, boardwalks, facilities like picnic shelters and plenty of open space for the community to enjoy.

Highlights of the draft Washpool Creek masterplan include the introduction of a bush tucker garden, a shared pathway, public artwork, a yarning circle and increased habitat for wildlife and birds.

Bundaberg Regional Council is encouraging the community to provide feedback on the masterplan.

Environment portfolio spokesperson Cr Wayne Honor said the masterplan provided a long-term vision for the space to help guide initial work which was set to be underway this year.

“Council has been fortunate enough to secure funding to progress the first stage of this project but we felt it was important to start with the development of an overarching masterplan,” Cr Honor said.

“This ensures that what we build now is fit for purpose if future stages of this project can be funded and delivered.”

While the master plan provides a future vision for the whole area, only a portion of this can be delivered with current funding and the final scope for stage one will be resolved as part of the construction tender process.

Cr Honor said the masterplan was developed following community consultation earlier this year.

“In conjunction with our consultants and based on the community feedback we received we have developed this vision for the area.

“Now we’re calling on the community to look over the draft Washpool Creek masterplan and share their feedback.”

The draft masterplan can be downloaded direct here or at ourbundabergregion.com.au where residents can also provide their feedback through an online survey.

The Washpool Creek Naturalisation project is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Queensland Government’s through the Local Economic Recovery Program.



  1. Can anyone in council explain to me why we are spending money on projects like this, as well as footpaths all over town and revamped skate parks? As far as I can tell very little has been done towards flood mitigation and most of the people I speak to said they are more interested it that than these “beautification projects”. I am not saying they are not needed but isn’t it more important to protect the ratepayers from floods rather than having grass footpaths turned into concrete footpaths and concrete drains turned into waterways?
    I hope the council is not just sitting back waiting for the federal and state governments to put up the money.

  2. I think you’ ll find that the footpaths are to accommodate the users of motorised scooters, walking frames and wheelchairs for our aging & disadvantaged population.

    Most people prefer to walk on a footpath in preference to uneven surfaces & wet grass and I’m pleased I don’t have to contend with scooter riders on our roads.
    The flood mitigation needs to go back to the drawing board judging by the lack of success. I’m all for beautification of our area and agree the expenditure requires prioritising.

  3. It would appear that you haven’t posted my comments. I guess some facts and a bit of honesty is too much for the Council, something they are not used to, and don’t know how to deal with. It would seem that the Council not only deals in discrimination and dishonesty, but also censorship. Can’t have the public knowing the truth, that would be a bit embarrassing. A Council run by old men with old views who have no concept of equality.

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