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Pulse Pilates by the Sea expands to Bundaberg

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Pulse Pilates by the Sea owner Melinda Pain outside the new studio location at 91 Woondooma Street, Bundaberg West.

What started as a dream has fast become a reality for Melinda Pain who launched Pulse Pilates by the Sea three months ago and is now expanding her offering to a studio in Bundaberg.

Her new CBD studio is located on the corner of Bourbong Street and Tanitha Street at 39 Bourbong Street in the Bundaberg CBD, with the entry via Tantitha street.

The studio, located at 91 Woondooma Street, allows Melinda the opportunity to provide classes to a broad range of clients from the CBD to the oceanside.

Melinda said the expansion came after a space in Bundaberg West became available.

“I believe that all things happen for a reason as I had started putting the plans in place to secure a location later this year without putting too much pressure on myself,” she said.

“Then a chance encounter with a local yoga studio highlighted that they had a space to lease which has worked perfectly as we now have the ability to collaborate and offer pilates, yoga and holistic coaching all in the one location.

“It’s the cutest space and has a warm inviting feeling and happens to be painted sea blue, so I felt it was the closest thing to the sea component of my business that Bundy had to offer.”

Melinda said she had planned to secure the space for a few reasons, including the opportunity to help people regain their confidence.

“Mainly so we had somewhere warm and dry as an alternative in the cooler months but also so I could continue to expand my business into the larger market that Bundy offers and a space where clients of all ages could feel safe,” she said.

“I feel that I offer a unique class as it is driven by my passion for helping people and it’s more than just an on-trend fitness class, I thrive on helping others reclaim movement and confidence.”

The Pulse Pilates by the Sea expansion allows Melinda to also offer small weight classes which provides a slightly different workout to those sessions held by the sea.

“I am really looking forward to expanding the business to enable more clients to experience my classes,” she said.

“I am also excited to offer more small equipment in my classes which is something that can be a tad tricky to transport around to multiple outdoor venues.

“Pilates doesn’t need to be complicated to be beneficial, so keeping to the foundations of the movement and adding small appropriate equipment is a great way for clients to get the results that are important to them.”

Melinda said she was encouraging those who haven’t yet tried pilates to give it a go, whether they exercised regularly or not.

“Something I have noticed is that many clients have come along not knowing too much about pilates and are really impressed with the level of the workout,” she said.

“Quite a few of my current clients are regulars at local gyms and considerably fit, yet pilates is unique in that it isolates so many muscles we don’t use in regular workouts but really should be strengthening.

“It can marry in beautifully with your gym or running programs, but you also don’t have to overdo your workout and risk injury in fast paced workouts, you can get just as good a strength workout with nothing but your body and the mat.”

You can find out more about Pulse Pilates by the Sea on Facebook.

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