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Royale Pilates opens in Svensson Heights

royale pilates new
Alexa Young at Royale Pilates

New exercise studio Royale Pilates opened this week with a focus on building strength, cardio or flexibility through the use of reformer machines.

It's Alexa Young's second studio in the region and she said they're proving popular, having only recently expanded her first venture Wonderland Movement.

Royale Pilates, at shop 10A, 1 Enterprise Street, Svensson Heights, has six reformer machines and a range of classes and times to suit everyone.

Alexa said she had been thinking about opening another studio space for about six months due to the popularity of the reformer classes.

“Our clients love the regular class times of 6 am and 5.30 pm, so I knew I’d need a second space to be able to run two classes at the same time, to really make the reformers work well,” Alexa said.

While the studio has a different name, Alexa said it would operate with the same philosophy of Wonderland Movement.

“I like to think of it as ‘different name, same community’,” she said.

“Royale Pilates is a Wonderland studio, so you’ll see similar teachers, the same approach to movement and the same welcoming community — however with the spaces being separated, it was simpler to give this space its own identity, instead of simply being a second location.”

royale pilates new
Alexa Young at Royale Pilates

The new space offers a range of classes including a number of different options to help everyone achieve their individual goals.

“People can expect fun, dynamic classes that will challenge their body and fitness in a way that's enjoyable,” she said.

“We are now able to have multiple class styles to focus on either toning, cardio or flexibility.

“All classes are able to be adapted for beginners, but I’d recommend coming to an Essentials class to begin if your new, to learn about the reformer and how it works.”

Looking ahead for the rest of 2022, Alexa said she aimed to help people feel more functional in their day to day life while establishing positive exercise habits.

“Exercise habits require enjoyment for them to be sustainable, which is why I’m passionate about diversifying our class offering to give our clients lots of choice.”

Classes can be booked online via the Wonderland Movement website, under the Royale Pilates schedule page.

You can find out more about Royale Pilates here.

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