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Grant flies high with Bundaberg Gliding Club

Bundaberg Gliding Club
Grant Davies and the rest of the Bundaberg Gliding Club team.

The Bundaberg Gliding Club is made up of a small but dedicated group of locals who offer their services to teach people of all ages how to fly.

The club has been operating for over 50 years and is open to all who wish to enjoy pure flight without a motor.

One of the club's dedicated members is Grant Davies, club president and chief flying instructor.

He's been profiled as part of Bundaberg Regional Council's Our People Our Stories initiative which celebrates the community.

Grant always wanted to be a pilot. 

On his 40th birthday he decided to live out his dream by looking into purchasing his first plane with help from the Bundaberg Gliders Club.

When the Bundaberg Gliding Club agreed to take him up for a joy ride his love for flying took off and now, almost 14 years later, he has purchased his own aircraft.

“I get to fly and introduce people to flying and it fills me full of joy,” he said.

“I ride a 2010 Triumph Thunderbird and fly most weekends at the Gliding Club.

“Life is good!”

Grant has also followed many other passions throughout his life, including volunteering with the Rural Fire Brigade for 25 years.

“It is a selfless job; nobody really understands unless they are involved,” he said.

The Bundaberg man said he was also passionate about the community, which has been highlighted through his ownership of CBD Realty for 15 years, his work to develop Kookaburra Park near Gin Gin and his participation in the CBD revitalisation group.

“Working in the city centre helped me to get to know a lot of people, to create community in a different way and to be involved,” he said.

“I had this vision; to know and be known in a community and to be a part of it.”

Grant said he had learnt a lot through his many different careers and roles within the community and he was always mindful to provide support to others wherever and whenever he could.

“Practice selflessness, communication and visualisation,” he said.

“We get more from giving than receiving.”

Find out more about the Bundaberg Gliding Club here.



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