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Council staff rescue ducklings from drain

council rescue ducklings
Animal control officer Britt Petersen with one of the rescued ducklings.

Council staff swooped in to save the day when 10 two-day-old ducklings were trapped in a drain recently.

Community members reported the trapped ducklings after they noticed two adult ducks attacking the grate that covers the storm drain, attempting to reach their babies.

While animal control officers Brittany Petersen and Donna Wolgast spend most of their time working with cats and dogs, the pair didn’t hesitate to fly into action.

“The ducklings had fallen through the grate that covers the storm drain opposite the BMX track,” they said.

“While the mum and dad duck would have been big enough to walk over, the 10 babies that were approximately two days old were not.

“It was very lucky that the passers-by noticed the mum and dad attacking the grate covering the drain and were able to slow traffic as the mum and dad kept going on the road.”

While rescuing the adorable and fluffy victims would normally have fallen to an animal rescue organisation, the pair knew time was of the essence and called on their co-workers to ensure the rescue mission was carried out safely.

“We had to bring in help from Josh and Terry from roads who helped us to get the grate up, having the correct tools to carry out the removal,” they said.

With mum and dad duck nowhere to be found after the rescue was complete, the 10 ducklings were taken to a wildlife carer.

They said while they don't work with winged animals on a daily basis, it was still a similar process to rescue the ducklings.

“It is not often we deal with the two-legged variety of animal, although it wasn't too different to usual, just a bit cuter,” they said.

“We are always here to provide resources and support to our community, no matter the job.”

Council's regulatory services team continue to work closely with wildlife carers and rescue agencies to ensure the safety of animals.

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