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Abandoned alpacas given new lease on life after rescue

Alpaca rescue
Two alpacas have been rescued and given a new home after being left to fend for themselves at a local property.

Two abandoned alpacas are a little less hairy and much better off after being rescued and given a new home at AllyHar Alpaca Farm.

Angela and Luke Samways said they collected the two alpacas on Saturday after receiving a call for help from new owners of an Elliott Heads property who had found that the animals had been left on the land to fend for themselves.

“We couldn’t leave them there, so a rescue mission it was,” Angela said.

“The girls were fully fleeced and hadn’t been shorn in at least two years and had been left on the property.

“One of the girls had a registration tag and we found out that they are 17 years old.”

Angela said the alpacas were treated to a much-needed haircut after arriving to their new home in Branyan.

“The girls are happily living in our back paddock being spoilt,” she said.

“They were shorn, given all their vaccinations, wormed and given minerals.”

In a couple of weeks they will be introduced to the rest of the female herd.

Allyhar Alpaca rescue
Lucy and Penny are enjoying their new home at Allyhar Alpaca Farm.

The two new additions to Allyhar Alpaca Farm have already been named, with Angela stating The Beatles had been their inspiration.

“Their names are Lucy, after Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Penny, aka Penny Lane,” she said.

The girls will join a family of 16 alpacas at the farm, with an additional six cria (babies) due this year.

Angela said owning alpacas was like owning any other animal, with great care, time and commitment needed.

“Buying any animal is not just a temporary commitment, it's for a lifetime,” she said.

“If you can no longer care for your animals please contact someone and get help.

“These two gentle and beautiful souls would've died if it wasn’t for the new owners of the property.”

If you need help with alpacas, contact the Australian Alpaca Association or a local breeder.




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