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Take a trip down memory lane with Agro Up Late

Agro up late
Agro and Jamie Dunn at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre Bundaberg.

The children of the late-80s and 90s will have the chance to reminisce as Agro puts on a show at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre.

After three decades in show business Agro and Jamie Dunn are back together, along with Big Brother’s Ben from Brisbane, for Agro Up Late.

“It’s strange touring with Agro, because I thought he was finished, you know when you come off television and the lights dim and the curtains close, you think well what do we do now?” Jamie said.

“But Agro has lived on. The reason he has lived on is because of YouTube and outtakes, and I guess social media has created a whole new audience for him.”

In preparation for their visit to the Bundaberg Region Agro and Jamie checked out the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre, and Agro had a few words to say about this.

“Bundaberg is a touch of old and a touch of new,” Agro said.

“Everyone seems so friendly but that’s probably because I’m so agro.”

Agro said the kids who used to watch him, had now grown up and Agro Up late would be a trip down memory lane for them.

“Go back in time, come to Agro Up late and you will go back in time – back to the ’80s,” he said.

“My shows are always different, sometimes they go off on a tangent and sometimes they don’t – you never can plan it.

“You’ll see behind the scenes clips that have never been seen before.”

Jamie said it was these outtake scenes that helped to create the everlasting audience for Australia’s most loved Agro.

“In the show Agro Up Late we have had access to some that have never-ever been seen before and we have added them into the show,” he said.

“We finish on one which is just obscene – that’s all I can say!”

Agro Up Late will be at Moncrieff Entertain Centre on 12 March for tickets click here.