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Call for help: 150 blood donations needed

Lifeblood donations Bundaberg
Lifeblood is calling for more blood donations as flooding impacts collections across the state.

Bundaberg Region residents are being urged to roll up their sleeves and give blood, with an additional 150 donations needed in the next two weeks.

The call for help comes after flooding has impacted blood collections across the state, with donations down 54 per cent.

“In addition, we are expecting to see more donors needing to cancel their appointments over the coming days as they focus on their families and homes,” a Lifeblood spokesperson said.

“With fixed donors centres now all open, Lifeblood is calling on anyone that safely can, to make a blood donation in place of those who can’t.

“Blood is a critical resource and we are already seeing a significant impact on blood collections, with only 46% of the blood needed, collected in the past few days.

“The time to act is now.”

The spokesperson said even in the face of natural disasters, the need for blood remained the same.

“There are still patients in hospital who are relying on blood for cancer treatment, surgery, obstetrics, and serious accidents,” the spokesperson said.

“Lifeblood will continue to monitor the situation in Queensland in New South Wales, prioritising the safety of donors and staff while working to get donor services back up and running.”

To make an appointment call 13 14 95, visit lifeblood.com.au or download the Donate Blood app.