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Boreham Park monorail repurposed for bridge build

Botanic Gardens monorail bridge
A new bridge at the Botanic Gardens has used the old Boreham Park monorail track in its design.

A much-loved monorail track which was once stationed at Boreham Park in Avenell Heights has been given a new purpose by featuring in a bridge design at the Botanic Gardens.

Bundaberg Regional Council found a way to recycle a part of the monorail after it was removed when the popular park was upgraded in 2021.

Parks and Gardens portfolio spokesperson Cr Wayne Honor said staff had decided to reuse some of the track in a bridge project.

“The Botanic Gardens team were looking to increase footpath connectivity within the gardens from the Thornhill Street entrance through to the Woodworkers Guild,” he said.

“This project contributes to an extra kilometre of footpath and with the construction of a bridge now complete, visitors can now easily move between these areas.”

Botanic Gardens monorail bridge a unique feature

Cr Honor said the bridge featured a timber walkway and design, with monorail parts making up the railing on either side.

Botanic Gardens monorail bridge
The monorail has been used as part of the railing on the new bridge.

He said it was the finishing touch to a three-year project in the gardens.

“This project involved planting endangered Macadamia jansenii near the Thornhill Street entrance as well as creating new embellishments for the Woodworkers Guild area including pathways, a carpark, park furniture and plant signage,” Cr Honor said.

“There has also been more pathways installed to the neighbouring Friendship Grove to improve accessibility for visitors and the gardens team worked with the Australian Sugarcane Railway to complete a pedestrian rail crossing at the end of the bridge.

“The bridge and pedestrian crossing were the final stages of the project and it all looks absolutely fantastic!”

Cr Honor said the project was a fine example of how recycling could be beneficial in a number of ways.

“Not only does the monorail track provide the perfect shape and structure to form these solid bridge railings, it also gives the bridge a very unique look and features a little bit of our region's history!” he said.

Find out more about the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens here.

Boreham Park monorail
The monorail track at Boreham Park before the area was upgraded.

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