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Book review: The Seven Sisters

Title: The Seven Sisters

Author: Lucinda Riley

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Publication date: 2014

Genre: Adult Fiction

Reviewer: Hayley Martell

the seven sisters
The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley

A few of my colleagues have been telling me for several years to read The Seven Sisters series.

I was hesitant because it was a seven part series, with all of the books well over 500 pages.

I rarely commit to a book with so many in the series.

After much deliberation I decided to give it a go.

I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed each book.

The premise is a story of six girls adopted by a man, only known to them as “Pa Salt”.

They live a very privileged life on “Atlantis” in Switzerland and return together upon Pa Salt’s passing.

Each sister is given a letter from their father explaining the co-ordinates of their birth country and a small amount of information about their birth family.

The first book is about the eldest sister, Maia.

Her story takes us on a journey from Switzerland, to Rio, Paris and back again, with lots of drama in between.

The story flicks between the past, and present day.

As the title of the series suggests there is a book for each sister.

As I got to the last book (The Missing Sister) it was announced that Lucinda Riley had not finished up the series as expected, and there would be an eighth and final book to tie up all loose ends.

Unfortunately, not long after this was announced Riley had passed away.

Fortunately she had written a manuscript which her son is finishing in order to publish the final book in the series.

Rejoice fans of The Seven Sisters, the story will continue and all questions will (hopefully) be answered.

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