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Aquatic centre to benefit Bundaberg Special School

Bundaberg special school aquatic
Charlotte Straume, Jordan Cassan and William Halstead are looking forward to the new Bundaberg Region Aquatic Centre.

The Bundaberg Special School has thrown its support behind the new Bundaberg Regional Aquatic Centre which, once constructed, will be available for students to participate in swimming lessons through the use of accessible equipment. 

The development is set to commence construction later this year with the overall project to feature a 50 metre, heated, undercover competition pool, a 25-metre heated indoor pool, an indoor program pool, a café and spectator area.

It will also include a range of equipment such as lifts, hoists, ramps and an adult accessible changeroom, with the design heavily focused on providing a facility for all abilities.  

Teacher Brooke Taylor said consultation with Bundaberg Regional Council had given the school an opportunity to discuss the needs and wants of their students when it came to accessing the new pool facility.

“Council came to observe the hoisting procedures of our wheelchair students entering and exiting the pool and we discussed how difficult it is for our students and staff having limited access to pools with wheelchair access.”

She said many of the Bundaberg Special School students loved aquatic activities but greater accessibility was needed.

“With the physical needs of a number of our students, swimming mitigates so much of the pain and strain on their muscles and bodies in general and allows them to experience the freedom of being in the water and feel comfortable.”

Bundaberg special school aquatic
Jordan Cassan is looking forward to the new aquatic centre in Bundaberg

Brooke said the new aquatic facility would benefit students on a number of different levels.

“Swimming improves overall general health, it improves heart and lung health, motor skills, coordination, muscle strength, flexibility and helps maintain a healthy weight,” she said.

“These aspects are an integral part of staying happy and healthy.

“Anything we can do to support this will give our students, and others, the opportunity to live as freely and autonomously as possible.”

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