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Annual blanket run returns to help those in need

annual blanket run
At least 100 bikers turned out to this year's Crossroads Biker Church annual blanket run in 2021.

Those in need will be a little better off this winter as Crossroad Biker Church members rally together for their annual blanket run.

Organiser RayRay Collins said the annual event attracted motorcycle riders and supporters from as far as Brisbane to help the less fortunate.

Now in its fifth year the annual blanket run helps to ensure disadvantaged locals will have a new blanket, sleeping bag or hoodie to keep them from the winter chill.

“We’ve held the blanket run in conjunction with Dorcas Kitchen for five years now,” RayRay said.

“It’s open to everyone who wants to show their support for the struggling.”

RayRay said the event was not only about supporting those in need with a blanket, but donations of hoodies, jumpers, beanies and non-perishable food were also welcome.

“Dorcas is unfunded and so I know they appreciate any help they can get,” RayRay said.

“Donations of long-life milk, tins of food, especially with a ring pull can so the homeless can open them as some don’t have access to a can opener, are always appreciated.”

RayRay said the route of the blanket run motorcycle ride would be determined by the weather on the day.

“It looks like it will be a wet ride,” he said.

“We will be right, we’re not afraid of a little rain but if the roads are flooded, forget it, we will change the ride!”

The Crossroads Biker Church annual blanket run will start at Christ Church Anglican Church near Dorcas Soup Kitchen on Woongarra Street on Saturday 21 May at 8 am.

For more information or to donate in advance contact RayRay on 0416 226 745.