LifestyleFishing report: offshore reefs on fire

Fishing report: offshore reefs on fire

Tackle World Bundaberg
Mitch Beyer with a solid coral trout.


The inshore reefs have copped plenty of fresh water over the past week so the water is quite dirty.

It’s definitely stirred up the grunter and snapper though!

Jigging 20g soft vibes off the bottom as well as 5” soft plastics has been the favourite way to get the bite.

There has also been plenty of tuna around so be sure to keep some small metal lures ready for when they pop up.


The offshore reefs around Bundy have been fishing so good recently.

The coral trout and red emperor have been chewing.

With the new moon being early next week the fishing should be red hot this weekend.

Using pilchards as bait for trout and mullet fillets for reds is my favourite way to target them.

Remember to always focus on fishing one hour either side of the top or bottom of the tide, it can change your day if you make the most out of that two hour bite time.

Fingers crossed the weather plays the game this weekend, remember to always check the latest weather reports before heading offshore.

Tackle World Bundaberg
Greg Charteris with a massive coral trout caught offshore.


With the fresh around and the new moon both linking up this weekend you will definitely have to drop your pots in for a mud crab.

If you want to chase fish I’d be going towards the mouth to find some saltier water.

There has been reports of some nice bream and grunter being caught towards the North Wall so be sure to try your luck around there.

Small soft vibes and plastics hopped along the rock walls has been the way to go with a mixed bag of species likely to have a crack at your lure.


The Kolan and Baffle have copped plenty of fresh as well, so fishing towards the mouths to find the saltier water will definitely be the go.

With the new moon early next week the whiting should be on the chew.

I’d be fishing the afternoon tide for them and drifting over weedy sand flats and drop offs to cover ground.

The mud crabbing has been on in these two systems with all the fresh so be sure to drop the pots in this weekend.

Tackle World Bundaberg
Josh Meehan with a cracking mangrove Jack.


Lake Monduran has been producing plenty of metre plus barramundi even with the dam rising.

Plenty of guys have gone back to using hardbody lures with Jackall Squirrels being the favourite.

Fishing the timbers on the bank edges and using long pauses in your retrieve has been where it’s at. Remember to always fish with confidence, you never know when that metre plus barra will jump on your line.

Till next time, keep it real
Mitch Beyer
Tackle World Bundaberg

Tackle World Bundaberg
Tim Mulhall with a big queenfish.