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Local homes to benefit from solar rebate boost

solar panels Bundaberg
Bundaberg has been named Australia’s rooftop solar capital with 13,942 solar panel installations in the past 12 months. Photo: Clean Energy Council

Bundaberg households with solar panels are set to save up to $200 a year thanks to a 41 per cent increase in the feed-in tariff.

The good news comes as the region maintains its number one position as the postcode with the most solar panel installations in Australia.

According to the Clean Energy Council, the Bundaberg Region has recorded more than 16, 750 solar panel installations of small scale systems up to 100 kilowatts.

Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen Mick de Brenni said the Queensland Competition Authority’s regional solar feed-in would save money for about 150,000 customers overall.

“Today’s determination means regional Queensland families and small businesses will see more money in their pockets.

“We know every dollar counts right now.”

solar panels Bundaberg
Solar panels Bundaberg: The 4670 postcode has 16,756 solar panel installations. Photo: Clean Energy Council

Queenslanders will also receive a $175 Cost of Living Rebate on their next power bill, bringing to $575 the dividends Queenslanders have received over the past four years.

Minister de Brenni said there was also an investment of more than $2 billion to supercharge renewable energy supply and significant battery storage to produce cheaper, cleaner energy but has gone it alone for years.

“Queensland Competition Authority has pointed to the impact of the invasion of Ukraine on gas prices in its determination,” he said.

“We’re working hard to keep downward pressure on prices because every dollar counts right now for Queensland households.”



  1. So what exactly will we get per KW ,it’s a measly 6 cents now let’s hope they at least double that disgraceful amount.

  2. The incentive is not there for me yet, get it up to around 20c/KW and I might consider it.

  3. I believe that this is excellent news for the people of Bundaberg.

    I think that the increase in the feed-in tariff will help to offset some of the costs of having solar panels installed.

    I also appreciate that the Queensland Competition Authority is working hard to keep downward pressure on prices.

    I believe this will make it more affordable for people to switch to solar power.

    I think that this is an excellent step in the right direction for the state of Queensland.

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