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Motel development approved for Takalvan Street

Takalvan Street motel
A two-storey motel has been approved for development on Takalvan Street.

A vacant lot along Takalvan Street will soon be transformed into a two-storey motel after a development application was approved by Bundaberg Regional Council.

Submitted on behalf of applicant Super Trunkey Pty Ltd, the motel will be located at 55 Taklavan Street between Midtown Caravan Tourist Village and Hungry Jacks.

“The format of the development is a two-storey motel development with units located on both levels, with ground floor hosting disabled accessible units, reception/office, manager residence, kitchen and storage along with car parking areas,” the application states.

“Two disabled accessible units have been located on the ground floor towards the front of the site.

“Disabled access is provided throughout the ground floor area to the rear of the site at compliant grades.”

According to the application, the motel will utilise the latest technology once constructed, avoiding the need for on-site management presence.

“Operationally the motel will be served by a 24-hour self-check-in and management system.

“Cleaning and maintenance staff will have a daily presence on site to service the motel rooms.

“Typically cleaning and maintenance will be carried out between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm when minimal guests are present at the site.

The application states the motel is “a positive re-development of an ageing commercial site and is situated in a prime position of the region, located on major transport routes into and out of the CBD.

“The proposal development will provide a functional and attractive accommodation development in an appropriate location in the city of Bundaberg.”

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