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Gin Gin students display art at Community Hub

art gin gin students
The exhibition on display at the Gin Gin Community Hub.

Gin Gin State High School students from grades 10 to 12 are showcasing works from their visual arts course to the public in a special exhibition at the Gin Gin Community Hub.

The exhibition will be on display until Friday 22 July with each of the grades having undertaken different focuses for their art units during term one and two.

Gin Gin State High School Art Teacher Cheri Golding said she was excited to provide the children with the opportunity to exhibit their works to the community.

“I have been looking for a place to display the artworks for a while now, and the Hub provides the perfect space for these to be on show,” Cheri said.

“It is important for the students to understand that displaying their works can result in a different interpretation when compared to what they may have been thinking while completing the work.”

Cheri said each grade had worked on a different theme and medium, with the exhibition encompassing everything from print making to sculptures.

“Each of the grades has had a different theme to work towards including Australiana print making which includes a mix of monoprinting, lino printing and screen printing with each student selecting their best artwork to display in the exhibition,” she said.

“Other students watched three videos at the beginning of the year to provide them inspiration to choose a question that their artworks aim to answer.

“A number of sculptures also make up part of the exhibition, with both hanging and table set sculptures featuring.”

art gin gin students
Artwork by Gin Gin State High School students that is on display at the Gin Gin Community Hub.

Gin Gin students share opinion through art

Cheri encouraged people to visit the Hub and view the exhibition in support of the students.

“I encourage people to come out and look at the exhibition as these students do have strong opinions on different topics and this is shown through their artworks,” she said.

“In years 11 and 12 they have also had to write artists statements to attach to their artworks so they can explain what the artwork is showing which is very important for the individual pieces.

“Exhibiting in public like this also provides the students the opportunity to gain understanding of how artworks can be interpreted in many ways, unique to the individual.”

You can find out more about the Gin Gin students' exhibition here.

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