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Happy As Larry Dog Treats get tails wagging

Happy As Larry Dog Treats
Happy As Larry Dog Treats by Sandy Tyas.

Pupcakes, chewy snacks and air-fried steak bites are just some of the products available at new Childers business Happy As Larry Dog Treats.

Located at 54a Churchill Street, the new shop is owned and operated by local woman and self-professed dog lover Sandy Tyas.

Sandy started the business 12 months ago after a change in lifestyle and said she was thrilled to now service the community through her very own shopfront, which opened for its first day of trade today. 

“I started going to the markets and the response and support was amazing so I kept adding to the menu and found people would keep coming back, so I started growing bigger,” she said.

“I had to hire a hall to cook as I found I could cook larger quantities. I also offered free delivery so many orders came in that way also.

“All my treats and meals are made from human consumption ingredients with nothing added so you always know that you are giving your doggie the best quality meats, fruits and veggies.”

Happy As Larry Dog Treats named after RSPCA pooches

Sandy said she had always had a love for dogs and her experience working with animals had filtered through to her new business.

“I volunteer at RSPCA on Mondays so most of my treats are named after those beautiful doggies I help look after,” she said.

Happy As Larry Dog Treats
Sandy Tyas sets up shop for her Happy As Larry Dog Treats business.

“These include meals like Milly’s Kangaroo, Petey’s Pork, Lulu’s Lamb, Bobos Beef and Stella’s Chicken.

“The satisfaction you feel giving those doggies some love and care just once a week keeps me going all week.”

Sandy said she was over the moon to now offer her products at her very own business.

“The pleasure of opening the shop and being able to meet everyone during the week is awesome,” she said.

“I close Sundays for Shalom Markets, and Mondays for RSPCA so it doesn't feel like working at all as it's all just too much fun!”

Happy As Larry Dog Treats is located at 54A Churchill Street, Childers and is open from 9 am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday.

Find out more on the Facebook page here.